Wonder Woman 3 (Runn & Safran plan DCU), Future!

The new film, Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman 3 isn't moving forward at Warner Bros. As reported, DC Universe heads James Gunn and Peter Safran decided the film didn't fit their current vision. It was stated that the duo told Jenkins, who had recently submitted her script with the DC major[] who was co-written with him.

Patty Jenkins Woman 3 isn’t moving up at Warner Bros.

As reported by THR, director James Gunn and director Peter Safran have decided the film didn’t fit their current vision. It’s stated that the duo told Jenkins, who recently submitted her novel, co-written with DC mainstay Geoff Johns, they weren’t moving forward with it in its current form. Jenkins previously directed and co-wrote Wonder Woman and the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman in 1984.

The news comes after a report stated that Black Adam 2 and a potential Blackman stand-alone movie were in development at Dwayne Johnsons Seven Bucks Productions (and THR dispute that and says a sequel is unlikely) and that the release date of The Flash had been moved up by a week.

Shazam will be the next DC Universe release. God reveals a divine fire which came from June 17, 2023. The Flash will be followed by the troubled Ezra Miller, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. As soon as you get ready, the future is uncertain. Gunn and Safran decide on their 10-year plans for the DCU.