Yuji Naka, the Director of Balan Wonderworld, resigned once again over Insider trading

If you think this story’s over, there’s always something that keeps it going, right? After we report the fact that the exchange of information was all aimed at an investor, then there were two renowned developers arrested, we soon heard the news that a Japanese financial instrument and exchange act prohibits the use of confidential information to attract investors.

Well, I guess what? It happened again, as the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors office charges Yuji Naka with violation of any act again, as he was spotted, in possession of over 120,000 shares of the developer team of Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier. In the sense that those shares are 144 million Japanese Yen worth or a few thousand dollars USD, but have a more significant amount of what the two suspect have been paid back in 2021.

It is really shocking considering that First Armor didn’t do that well, the he announced his end of service for January 2023. I’m still going to see this story from the beginning because you can only now hear what’ll happen from here.