Added features and adds a new window, and then releases the update window

Sony is considering what the new model might be for, even though many users still can't get their hands on a PlayStation 5, however Sony already is thinking about the new model. It's no mystery that sooner or later we'd see an updated model, whether it be hardware or design.

Even though many users don’t generally have enough money for a PS4, Sony is already thinking about the new model that the machine will take over.

It is no secret that we could see an updated model sooner or later, regardless of hardware or design. We didn’t expect it would be so soon compared to the machine’s first launch. As you see in the magazine Forbes, the PlayStation 5 slim It’s reality and its arrival is scheduled for 2023.

In fact, summer is very promising as long as it is in the 2023 period. The magazine claims to have reliable and direct sources with Sony, and given their record of success in recent months, it wouldn’t surprise if they were both successful in this case.

The first features of the PS5 slender are the following: the PS7 Slim.

The magazine also had several features and details about the new PS5. As you already imagine, the scale of the PlayStation 3 would be significantly reduced than the current version. In addition, this new console will let us know that its consumption and temperature also lowered.

On the other hand, the PS5 Slim would retire with vertical console support, not being viable with only the horizontal position. Hard drive details aren’t less important. In this case, the slim model would have an removable drive.

If not the official confirmation of the news, the news must be hailed even with tweezers. But in that case, Forbes is a trusted one. There’s not been any mention of the price, but that it’s going to remain at the current level.