ASRock Leaks Radeon 7900 XTX AQUA Water Block Graphics Card

Having the Sony X 7900 XT and Sony A4P 7900 xTX set to release in just a week, it hardly surprising that a few custom designs have been leaking onto the Internet. In spite of the fact that many of these models, if not most, aren't expected to be approved for retailers until much later in the month, [].

The old 7900 xT and 7900 XTX on AMD’s radar is scheduled to release in just under a week, but it’s not surprising a number of custom designs popped up online. Because of the fact that many of these models (if not most) will not be ready for retailers until much later in the month, however, this is only becoming more consumer hype and interest in the new graphics cards and especially so, since it appears the 7900 XT and 7900 XTX can have the Nvidia 4080 comfortably beat in performance and price!

As with one of the most interesting leaks that we have seen, images of ASRocks’ the Radeon 7900 XTX AQUA, have been published online in a similar fashion as a tidal.

ASRock Radeon 7900, XTX AQUA

In terms of detail, we are a bit limited to what you see, what you get. ASRock hasn’t officially confirmed this graphics card yet and isn’t expected to be at least December 13th (or possibly the 14th if AMD is just delaying AIB embargos). The water block and ARGB lighting effects on this ASRock Radeon 7900 XTX AQUA sound good although we presume that ASRock will also consider a similar release for the 7900 XT model, as well.

As you may well have already guessed, this will represent a high-end custom 7900 XTX design, and, as such, despite the lack of information available for proof of existence, is a fairly expensive one, while full-length, performance and customised loop capability would be worth the price of the design. If a reference model from AMD has a MSRP of 999, then this custom model from ASRock will likely cost around a hundred dollars.

As long as the Nvidia 4080 is currently not (not) retailing for this figure, who knows, maybe options such as this will make the AMD Radeon 7900 series even more popular.

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