Chained Echos Original Soundtrack available to buy; 50 songs

Eddie Marianukroh, composer of the recently released Chained Echoes, announced that the game soundtrack is now available for at least $9.99 via Bandcamp. That link also has a heartwarming message from Marianukroh about his efforts at this game.

After reading 50 tracks in the SNES and PS1 era, it was a project that the following individuals credited with their contribution to this project:

  • Casey Chavoustie Gets a little, whisper and goblins whisper.
  • Jasmine Cooper Enough vocal harmonies were given and performed (track 44).
  • Matthew Harnage Acoustic guitar (song 29).
  • John Paul Hayward Solo Cello (Synthes 1, 3, 18, 30, 50)
  • Oren kadosh Vocals (track 19)
  • Gregory Orosz Solo alto flute (tracks 1, 9, 18, 35-50)
  • Patti Rudisill’s solo violin (synthese 10) is shown on the track ten.
  • Bass guitarist Jesse Starr performed and mixed (thousands ninety-seven); Vocals mixed (thousands fifty)

xMEIYIN Vocals and lyrics (synthes 1, 35, 50)

ORCHESTRA (Crypton-styled elliptics spread across the Blue Sky): The main theme of the k-shaped hoop: Crimson wings, spreading through the sky with a burst of rain.

Piccolo, sahi and kaitri:

  • Bassoonify

horn, the thorn, the thorns:

  • JohnStacy

Violin, Viola.

  • The Ethereal String Orchestra, Andrew Steffen.

Cello, Cello Solo:

  • John Paul Hayward

CHOIR (Crimson Wings Spread Through the Blue Sky):

  • Mika Holbrook DiFrancesco.

MIDI Transcription by John Paul Hayward. Musician Contracting by Hayward Publishing. John Paul Hayward edited and mixed orchestral and choir recordings.

His music was produced by Eddie Marianukroh.

Chained Echoes are now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Game Pass, and PC via SteamandGOG.

Chained Echoes is in development for over seven years. The game borrows many apex from some of the SNES RPG’s original features with its 16-bit presentation. Players follow a group of heroes who explore Valandis’ continent to make up the war between its three kingdoms. Players will meet other characters along the adventure to add to the party and give their stories to 50 hours.

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