Colorful 4770 Ti Specs Confirm Nvidia GPU is a Rebranded 4770 12GB Rebranded GPU

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti, all but confirmed to launch in the beginning of January 2023 (and a general consumer release on January 5th), has been widely speculated that although it wasn't representative of the new SKU, Nvidia was simply planning to relaunch/rebrand the previously unlaunched 4080 12GB [[] [[] from the beginning of January 2023, before the first update, the first development, to all but confirm it for launch in the beginning of

Although Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti only confirmed for launch in early January 2023 (with a general consumer release potentially set for January 5th), it has been widely speculated that rather than being representative of a brand new SKU, nvidia was only planning to relaunch the previously unlaunched 4080 12GB as a new 4070 Ti.

Is this the 4080 12-GB actually actually just a bit larger? Well, after a report using videocardz, it seems we have the answer because of a website accident from Colorful. If this listing is correct, then the 4070 Ti has exactly the identical specifications with the 4080 12GB.

Colorful Confirms Nvidia 4080 12GB = Nvidia 4070 Ti.

The leak came from an official website listed by Colorful for the next RTX 4070 Ti Deluxe graphics card. And the Tomahawk business isn’t a really good deal, but it’s not in a partnership with MSI. It is likely that BattleAx is about 99%.

To return to the key point, although colorful has subsequently pulled the page (because this GPU isn’t officially set to be launched until January 4th)) quick look at the specifications gives us the iron-clad confirmation as to exactly what it is.

As a whole, although the new 4070 Ti was a standard, we’ve been to this point before, when Nvidia officially confirmed the launch of the 12GB-wide 4080 graphics card. This is what Nvidia has absolutely all the rumors, and all the claims are worth noting that for the 4070 Ti, Nvidia has just decided to recycle the cancelled 4080 12-GB SKU into the 4070 Ti.

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There’s hardly any other thing wrong with Nvidia deciding to brand the 4080 12GB a 4070 Ti. The problem primarily is that they will be able to retain the $899 MSRP at the time of that GPU being put in the higher tier. It is not a secret that consumers already think that the circa a thousand dollars + 4080 16GB is too expensive and if Nvidia does keep this original MSRP effectively, then they could again find themselves in a good, but overpriced design.

During that period, I think Nvidia is pretty much the only one who wants to get the 4070 Ti out the door, because at least then maybe people will be able to forget this once was almost officially a 4080 SKU.

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