Glory, the song Hye-kyo is ready for the new year

Glory teaser is now and ready to song "Hye-kyos" upcoming revenge-stack!

The Glory-based thriller Song Hye-kyos has released its teaser and we are ready to witness her revenge as she goes down against the people who made him miserable. The actor is led by Ahn Gil-ho. Lee Do-hyun, Im Ji-Yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Yeom Hye-ran, Jung Sung-il and many other cast members lead this drama.

What a joy the light is by the face of a young architect who needs to leave school for severe bullying. After this, her bullies lead a healthy, normal life; despite her own frustration, she soon become a child’s teachers and the boy’s father became an angry, shattered.

The teaser for the upcoming film starts with Song Hye-kyos characters Moon Dong-euns and she’s constantly screaming against her deep hatred while the action that leads her to this point has passed through. As she thinks the possibility that someone or something helped her back then how different her life would’ve been from now on, she might’ve felt the sadness and anxiety that she was in our everyday life.

The Glory Teaser still holds in the woods.

While she wonders if her friend, god or the weather saved her from the miserable days, then maybe she wouldn’t seem to feel like a hatred that is ready to destroy everything, even if it means she would lose herself. As scenes of his illiteracy become their pawns, they can’t escape them.

And now no amount of screaming or begging will allow them to leave as she plays them like puppets on a stage that she created. The harm of poverty does not exist. Dong-euns were slugs that crossed the whole line, and she is a storm that was here to destroy.

Read “The Eminence in Shadow” episode 11. Before we get ready to hear it.

The teaser closes when she talks about how excited she is to come and what she hopes will be like.

The Glory Teaser has now returned.

I’m using this drama to see a new album of songs full of intense school bullying and heartbreak. We’re happy to learn them, but I will not doubt it.

The Glory is due to premiere on December 30, 2022. It will be available on Netflix for free. With 8 episodes spanning 60 minutes, we can say that this story will definitely be one that we wouldn’t want to miss.

Watch The Glory Teaser.

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