How to turn Alexas Voice to Santa This Christmas!

Alexa has a single voice in case you don't know. In addition to female and male voices, you also may ask Santa Claus for an answer to your questions. This is definitely fun at Christmas and holidays. To do this, please say Alexa and activate Hey Santa. Unlike Alexa voice modification, Hey Santa is [] a [] wholly blind.

In case of not knowing, Alexa has more than one voice. As well as a female and a male voice, you may also ask Santa Claus for answers to your questions, as well as for Christmas or holidays.

To do this simply say Alexa, turn on Hey Santa. Since you do not play a Alexa, a Hey Santa is very popular with people like him. This skill is unlimited, so there is no need for you to use it.

Alexa will tell you that it’s going to take a while to setup things up, but then you will be able to say Alexa or Hey Santa. Every time you speak to your Echo or any other device Alexa is connected to it, you’ll decide to say “Alexa” or “Buddly”.

This is useful if you forget that you should say hello to Santa and say Alexa instead.

Christmas can answer most of what you usually ask Alexa, such as scheduling timers, weather reports, math problems etc.

It can’t do everything: it doesn’t set the timetable or add some turkey to your shopping list. (You can simply ask Alexa to do those things instead. But Santa Claus will tell you all the jokes, his reindeer names and a lot of other Christmas-related stuff, which you can find in our separate article about Christmas. fun things to ask Alexa at Christmas.

There are some things to start with, but it’s the opposite.

  • Hey Santa, am I naughty or nice?
  • Hey Santa, help me start the holidays!
  • Hey Santa! Please sing your duet with Meghan Trainor.

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