Microsoft announced an agreement on a 10-year deal with Nintendo to make Call of Duty to Switch

With Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard still in progress and hasn't yet been approved, Microsoft is not hiding promises.CEO Phil Spencer announced via twitter that Microsoft has reached a ten-year commitment with Nintendo to create a Call of Duty game on its platform.

While the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is still in progress and is not yet approved, Microsoft hasn’t hidden promises. Pritches like Philip Spencer announced on twitter that Microsoft has reached a ten-year commitment with Nintendo to launch a Call of Duty game.

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Spencer added that the games will still be available on Steam and Xbox, and in his original tweet, Microsoft was committed to helping many people play more games in their choosing.

That’s all Spencer shared on Twitter, but he also pleaded with the Washington Post in a recent interview. According to the reports, in the interview, Spencer said, we need to look at the whole product portfolio for an example of how games can be transferred to the Switch. When Call of Duty gets on the Switch, no confirmation is available.

It was also nice to say that Microsoft is committed to continue delivering Call of Duty @steam on January 18th, now launching to Xbox after complete our merger with Activision Blizzard King. @ATVI_AB @ValveSoftware @steam.

Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) 7 o’clock, 2022.

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In regard to the merger of Activision and Activision Blizzard that has been set to close in June 2023, Spencer said: “At that time, it may take some time to find out why that happens.” The ultimate plan is that when an Call of Duty game launches on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, it will also launch on Switch at the same time.

Dan was asked whether porting the Call of Duty game to the Switch would be difficult, citing Minecraft and Microsoft’s experience relating to it to the Nintendo handheld. Minecraft and Call of Duty are different games. If you bring a game to Nintendo, the development team would execute multiple platforms, said Spencer.

Despite the offer announced by Spencer a ten-year commitment, he said that Microsoft could soon partner with Nintendo. Microsoft still has, though, some hurdles to consider when a development starts.