Microsoft say COD will come to Nintendo (Again) if Activision deal gets ahead

It's been nearly 10 years since the call of duty title was last released on Nintendo. Call of Duty Ghosts are a fine example of what the Wii-U has to say (though the name doesn't mean I am sucked in memory). Put simply, that is certainly a disaffordable choice for you: you won't associate the popular multiplayer franchise with the House [] then the popular franchise will also not be as good as the popular one.

The Call of Duty title last became available on Nintendo. Call of Duty’s Ghosts are on the Wii-U if in fact my memory is correct. Simple, however, you wouldn’t likely associate the popular multiplayer game with the House of Mario anymore.

Despite being sent a few Twitter messages by Xbox chief Phil Spencer and confirming their Microsoft/Activision deal remains unsolved. After the two-year deal ended on Sunday, theyve confirmed that a 10-year agreement with Nintendo has been (presumably provisionally) agreed to come to return to Call of Duty, well Probably whatever happens following the Switch.

After the merger of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard King, Microsoft agreed to take a 10-year commitment to bring Call of Duty to @Nintendo. Microsoft is committed to helping people play more games no matter how they choose to.

Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) December 7, 2022

I have no idea what it will happen to me. Microsoft is now making a confirmation that Call of Duty is back in order to play in Nintendo.

The announcement is clearly a surprise, and I must concede that given that this is basically the same deal Sony has neither accepted nor rejected (yet), it does feel like a conciliatory move from Microsoft to try and smooth some of the most massive criticisms/implitions that the overarching anti-competition aspect the Activision takeover could have.

Microsoft has even managed to win over more PC gamers to their side of the camp, with Phil Spencer also confirming that, again, should the deal go ahead, they will continue to launch Call of Duty via Steam and, particularly, not on the launcher. It seems unlikely that Valves Gabe Newell cared much about this offer.

What do we think?

If new Call of Duty titles are going to go to Nintendo, then I think the chances of this happening on the Switch to be doubtful at best. Well, beyond the retribution of one-party developed systems, specifically for that system, there are these sorts of systems. Now, the Switch is nearly six years old now and we could expect that Nintendo will launch its next console around 2023.

May a Call of Duty game be considered a launch title if the game is so popular? Well, so long as Microsoft manages to get this Activision deal over the line (and that’s what I will say again, I still have a lot of doubts over) then who knows. With the short term, it’s much better if Sony really appreciates this development.

What are you going to think?