Minecraft Ending Poem is now in public domain

We got an interesting announcement about one of the best games of Nintendo Switch. We are talking about Minecraft in the first place. The title is being enumerated specifically. It is a journey for the dragon and its ending to defeat, to take the final poem, known to be published soon.

We get an interesting announcement about one of the most excellent video games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We talk about Minecraft in this case.

That is, essentially, what’s going to be this title ending. It follows a journey to defeat the dragon Ender to the end of a final poem known as Poem of the End. In fact, this poem is shown as a small story which is spoken in the game.

It is now confirmed that the ending has been unlicensed, though Julian Gough wrote in 2011 that its ending is still in this state. In the email above, the author shares that he has moved this poem to public domain so that everybody can use it whatever they want.

So, nine and eight years ago, I was the only person with which to write the narrative in Minecraft: that story that appears after you kill the Ender Dragon. (A narrative which plays often call The End Poem).)Today, I librated the ending officially.

How does that mean?

Julian Gough (@juliangough) Sept. 2022, 2022.

If you want to see this poem, you can read it here.

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