Monarch will return to season again?

Is there a season 2 for the music drama Monarch? Come on and see.

The monarch, that starred Anna Friel, Trace Adkins, Susan Sarandon, Joshua Sasse and Beth Ditto, won’t return for a second season. The final episode of Season 1 was broadcast on December 6.

The drama was first premiered after the NFL doubleheader with a starring 0.8 on children 18-49 and 3.8 million viewers. In the 11 episodes Monarch averaged 4,1 million viewers. It didn’t reach the audience, reports Variety.

The musical series, produced by Melissa London Hilfers, was first released in 1919 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The project is being released in January. It was designed for a shorter run but was pushed to the fall.

Here are also a few Monarchs still.

The show follows the first family of country music, led by Dottie Roman (Sarandon), who died unexpectedly in the series premiere, while on every billboard at the show. This year, her husband attempts to keep the Monarch industry afloat with the help of their two daughters and sons, who all hide their secrets.

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Music was a huge component of the series. With covers of new and old hits, including Lizzos Juice, Faith Hills Breathe, LeAnn Rimes How Do I Live, Ed Sheerans Photograph, Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar, and Kelly Clarksons Stronger on the final episode.

The music supervisor, Amanda Krieg Thomas, told Variety: “At present, it’s all good that there are classics to rediscover, current hits, and artists that you have never heard of before, but will add to your playlist after the show. We were in Texas. We never exclude a great song from our list because the artist isn’t from Texas, but we really tried and found opportunities for emerging artists to discover where we could.

Monarch is the first full-length programming program for the network.

Watch the puppet from the Monarchs.

A season of Monarch is now going to go on Hulu.

Did you watch a Monarch?

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