New 2 free games, I want to go mad!

The Epic Games store is coming soon for free. It's a game that players are very appreciated with a fully locked license. The Tuesday afternoon routine is continuing. As are every weekend, two new free Epic Games Store games can be picked up at 5 p.m. sharp.

The Epic Games Store offers free games very soon. The program is designed to attract people with a fully locked license and adore it.

The routine for Thursday afternoon continues. As usual, when they take 5 o’clock sharp, 2 new free Games store can be picked up for limited time, then used to survive. In one week, these will become two gifts that will be added to your library before the final rush at the end of the year. The publisher for Fortnite and Fall Guys continues its momentum with a little madness in the program.

The two new games on Epic Games Store now exist.

You have only a few hours to get to the box and a Fort Triumph. Two titles are not to the general public, but a different culture does appreciate each other. If they are able to get rid of two new free games starting this afternoon, they’ll be replaced by two new games in the Epic Games Store. From 8 october to 15 october at 5 o’clock PDT, PC players can pick up 4th Avenue, 2nd Street, 3rd Floor, and 4), Wildcat Gun. If the reboot of Saints Row doesn’t break off spirits, I wouldn’t say it all in the same way as that on offer this week. You are president in this fourth episode now. You need to help save Earth invaded by an extraterrestrial presence, using superpowers and monster weapons. This very bizarre open-world game should keep you busy for over 25 hours.

Wildcat Gun Machine was a production by Chunkybox Games, which was released in May 2022. The title is an exodus of flurry in dungeon crawlers that hide fearing disgusting monsters. Give them an arsenal of 40 different weapons, giant robots and cute kittens. This free game allows you to play a labyrinthy game where you need to learn the basics of game-playing. There are few exceptional features that help spice things up such as: B. homing missiles with devastating explosive shells or even long-range laser beams.

What are the free games for the next couple of weeks?

And for next week? What is the program? If you wait until 5 o’clock for confirmation, the publisher should renew its advent calendar this year with 15 free games to collect from the week of December 15th. Last year’s Christmas was the most expensive. Between Shenmue 3, Neon Abyss, Vampyr, Prey, Control Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Plus Edition or even Tomb Raider Trilogy, the EGS hit hard. We expect this will be the unmissable event next week.