NicheGamer threw Plagiarizing from Gematsu Remains

Even though this news is not our standard and comprehensive coverage, we decided to cover it best, because it focused on bringing up the occurrences of wrongful action in our industry.

Initially, as a result of a resuscitation from the popular gaming outlet Gematsu, the owner of the main site, Sal Romano, whom many, most likely of our readers know and often speak about, which are mostly related to Japanese gaming. He revealed a thread in which a Twitter thread became used to discuss how a new site, NicheGamer, had plagiarily expressed his words.

In this thread, Sal explains how, even if he copied his wording, as well as accidental reports of erroneous information, Niche Gamers articles stiflely insert autogenerated Gematsu pages pages, which act as avenues of similar scopes of coverage on that website, not on NicheGamers.

However, it’s far from the first time that NicheGamer was outed for such practices. In December 2018, the websites founder, owner and former editor-in-chief, Brandon Orselli, released an apology post that also resulted from allegations of plagiarizing from Gematsu. Unfortunately, the most anticipated changes haven’t been made in the past two years.

After initially having exposed this content theft, the site stated that a ghostwriter was responsible. But of course, such claims have been essentially confirmed false by now because of these actions still occurring.

While this next point is just us making inferences, NicheGamers almost frankly ridiculous plagiarism potentially implies that they are either not getting sent press releases or they are, and blatantly ignoring them for whatever reason. If it’s the old one, they should know that GamesPress is still a viable source in several cases.

When it comes to game coverage and any other type of journalism really, taking on the source where you discovered your article contents, if it is from a further source, is vital for building trust and transparency with the growing community and other sites as a whole. Even though we’re watching the ever competitive gaming news site, I doubt that antagonism is ever anybody’s intention.

Getting news out quickly is an obvious priority, but doing so to preserve integrity guarantees you the same success as you and erode your image. There’s nothing worth the inestimable compromise.

With regards to readers, sites that you know are trustworthy and reputable and ignoring those which fail to maintain the quality and reach of those who deserve it. Sal has a very valuable skill in our industry, such as Japanese to English translations that we appreciate very much, and because of this used error, it limits our efforts.