Oppo Find N2, release date, price and specs rumors

The original Oppo Find N is among the most impressive foldable devices we've seen, which makes it even more difficult for a Chinese to scout to go. The company is planning its sequel, which we believe could be revealed next week. So will you be able to snatch [] your arms?

The original Oppo Find N is one of the most impressive foldable devices we’ve ever encountered. The fact that it only began in China is that it made it even more unfortunate.

Now the company is preparing a sequel, which we think could be revealed next week. You’ll be able to take advantage of one of them and, if so, what’ll it offer you? Here’s everything we know about the Oppo Find N2 story.

When will the Oppo find N2 be released?

The Oppo Find N2, where the date for the release is no, was very sure that the phone was disclosed during the Oscamon annual Inno Day event, which was officially announced on December 14th, with an international virtual event slated for 11pm.


However, no one can catch the phone on that day. It wasn’t long before Finding N was officially open at Inno Day last year, but it came on second day of the event. If the same pattern happens this year, it’s too late for this hunt for N2 and its clamshell sibling Find N2 Flip to hit the shelves. Instead of December 15, its exact as one backer predicted.

We still don’t know if it will come out of China’s marketplace, although there’s a hope. When Oppo launched the mid-range Reno 8 series in Europe, Billy Zhang, president of overseas sales and service, told Tech Advisor that the company will likely be launched in Europe.

How much does the Oppo find N2 cost?

As for the date of the release, the price remains a mystery. You must look for clues to the previous model. The Oppo Find N costs 7.699, which is around 1 055 dollars/920. When you factor in the various taxes that typically apply to imported devices, that puts them on a roughly identical trajectory to other folding devices, such as the following:

The price has gone up in the past few months, in particular due to fluctuating exchange rates and high inflation in a number of countries. There’s also the continuous failure of processors, energy prices affected by Russian invasion of Ukraine, and other new existential threats, faced by the world next. The Oppo Find N2 could be much more expensive than the model that it replaced.

What does Oppo look like when we find the N2?

Unfortunately, Oppo didn’t confirm any details in this post, but we had already seen detailed leaks of the Find N2 data.

Unlike the announcement of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in a leak, Digital Chat Station had announced that the foldable phone would be powered by a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor.

In the post it says that the E6 screen will be a single-inch size display, with 120Hz, and which would make it identical to the Oppo Find N. But after which there will also be a larger 5,54inch display, there will also be a 120Hz E6 screen.

Although new technology will not be used, Digital Chat Station confirms that the fingerprint sensor on the side button will return and that new device will live on a 4520mAh battery. Oppo might be experimenting with a leatherette cover for the rear panel, but the post also mentions glass, but still have to wait to see which material will win. Fortunately the Finding N2 is somewhat lighter than its predecessors 275g.

These specs compare with what we saw in a “Leak N2” screen. They reveal that it will have a 120Hz display, a four 500mAh battery, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a chipet that fits 8+ Gen 1 performance levels. The digital camera is paired with the MariSilicon X NPU, an internal image chip that will drive AI and AI capabilities.

The Digital Chat Station, the first one to speak of, has some predictions, too. The leaker claims that the Find N2 will feature the same camera as the upcoming OnePlus 11, which will include a 50-MP Sony IMX890 main camera with OIS, a 48-MP IMX581 ultrawide and a 32-MP IMX709 2x zoom camera. One selfie camera for each display will be shown in the 32Mp case, and one for two cameras.

GSMArena reports that the new device will be equipped with ColorOS 13 and will be available on Android 13 and black, white and green (although its leather or glass is not valid).

Well, there’s a bit to do there, and if the rumors turn out to be true, then you’ll definitely find out soon. Watch out our guide to the best smartphones currently available to see what kind of competition the Oppo Find N2 will have to overcome.