The Last of Us television series’s first date is at 7:30

The final of us series The Last of Us has already arrived, and so is the first time its description on HBO. The user of Twitter shared a screenshot of Craig Mazin and Neil Druckman that enables us to make sure the production of that will be released on January 15th. It was pretty much my name.

He’s the last of us.

This series is not released yet or at least its description in HBO. A Twitter user shared an image to confirm that the production of Craig Mazin and Neil Druckman will be released on January 15.

What a time have I had no thought! The platform hasn’t confirmed the date yet, but it wouldn’t be strange for the next two days.

On the other hand, the release of the series The Last of Us on HBO could be accompanied by the film’s debut on PC. Last year, the users of PlayStation 5 enjoy The Last of Us Remake while the confirmed desktop version does not have any date to release.

The production is one of the fastest anticipated. We don’t lose sight of big names that appear behind and near the camera. We find Craig Mazin responsible for the award-winning Chernobyl project. Next to him, there will not be much more or less than Neil Druckman, author of the saga.

Peter Pascal and The Mandalorian are going to be responsible for bringing Tom and Mary to life. This first trailer, which started two weeks ago, helped with a large taste of music and not much with a video game fan. That would have been a great adaptation for the first time.