The project was written by the Yuri Visual Novel entitled Lewd Idol, Vol. 2 Releasing Just in time for Christmas

Denpasoft announced the release of the sci-fi of the Toffer Team’s Lewd Idol Project Vol. Two more cars will go by Steam and Denpasoft on December 15, 2022.

Project of Lewd Idol Vol. 2continues to hijinx these colorful yuri idols. This time, players meet Yuki, a new character in this series. Out of this story, Kairi and Ranko, who will do all possible to get Yuki to join their group. This is a new romance route for those wondering, but you know, honestly.

This entry comes with a mini-game called gacha and crane. Moreover, there are lots of ways players can take to get into various arenas.

Players will meet Kairi, a shy aspiring star, and Ranko, a self-proclaimed producer, together on their journey. This game is mainly about resembling these characters with their arrival to fame. However, like the name suggests, yuri elements are involved, and players can interact with the characters and increase their relationships meter and hopefully start a relationship.

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