The teams of Google Maps and Waze will be merged, the applications will continue to be independent

Do you want to return to the year 2013 to discover that Google bought Waze, although the development team continued to have left to go and pass that or that function to Maps? Now his waze-team It'll be part of the same Google Maps, but without noticeable changes to the final experience of both applications. [4]

It’s time to revisit the year 2013 to find out that Google bought Waze, so that the development team had completely independent of it to pass these or that function to Maps now. Now him waze-team It’ll be part of the same Google Maps, but without noticeable changes in the final experience in both applications.

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Maps and Waze were hand-in-hand, so we’re enquiring.

When Google Maps is used, there are some things like the speed control and more, but without change among the two applications. Today, via 9to5Google, and as a source for The Wall Street Journal, we know Google plans to combine both Waze and Maps.

The Geo division will take up 500 Waze workers, which has been independently of Google since launching in 2013, but is still still a part of its whole business.

Waze and Renault reached an agreement for Android Automotive.

Playable Android!

It is mainly because of the many similarities to how Waze works with Android AutoAlthough some features in this app will be expected: the one that will reach Renault electric vehicles with an application fully integrated into these utilities.

Google has been in Waze since then, so carries YouTube Music as an integrated service, as in the case of Spotify for this navigational application.

The new video view is available in Google Maps.

Finally a, a that will oversee Google Maps, Street View, Earth and Waze so as to save time and time on updating maps. And so the important change for the internal teams won’t make a decision, while Waze won’t have a CEO in charge of its management.

The main reason for this merger between Waze and Google Maps is due to an optimization of resources because of the current economic context. While Waze will remain an application, its own guidelines and user experience may be limited, but the change will not appear on the side.

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