This is the direct competition of Apples Memoji

WhatsApp made its own avatars official today, which follow the footsteps of Memoji and seek to give us three-dimensional representations of our own appearance. They're similar to Meta-Avatars that have already garnered controversy because they were not what Mark Zuckerberg originally showed in his presentation of the Metaverse. Meta wants to [] [read] a [b*s].

WhatsApp has made its own avatars official today. They follow Memoji’s footsteps and seek to have a three-dimensional representation of our appearance. They are similar to avatars of the Ancients, which have already made their stride because they haven’t been what Mark Zuckerberg was when we gave the Metaverse.

Meta wants to use all its avatars as a base for all of its applications (Instagram, Facebook, future Metaverse and WhatsApp), and this is a step further. And keep an eye on that, because, using them, we create our own stickers and many other ways to enjoy them.

A personal identification in the form of avatars is a personal identity.

After generating our avatar by choosing traits that allow us to produce tens of billions of combinationswe’ll generate an album of 36 stickers presets, which we can send in WhatsApp chats. Other than the avatars will receive regular updates, thus they can’t become pigeonholed into the same expressions over the years.

WhatsApp avatars are spreading on almost all messages on iOS, so you may already have them on your iPhone. If you have the beta, you will already have those new emojis activated.