Cody Fern affirmed that the Star Wars universe became an apt addition in the series Upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Game

Ever since the first official teaser trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor became official this year, fans are still faced with many lingering questions, perhaps not so-so? Who are you in that bacta tank? The trailer for the game was released last year.

Since the debut of the official teaser trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in May earlier this year, fans have had many lingering questions, perhaps no more so than: : The following: : “You can say that in no way,” which’s so long as the following is the case – not just that: “Why doesn’t you believe to be so good?”

Who’s in this bacta tank?

As the gameplay trailer released last week, with more of that mystery character, a glances seemed to come with more questions. The question is not only who portrays that character but what we finally confirmed finally. Cody Fern, who has been confirmed as a graduate of American Horror Story, is one of the newest additions to the Star Wars universe in the highly anticipated game.

Cody Fern is mentioned in the American Horror Story, FX, as did Michael Langdon. Electronic Arts/Respawn/Lucasfilm Games.

It took three years to survive the Star Wars Jedi in 2019. Cal Kestis continues to evade the Empire’s constant pursuit, feeling pressure as the last Jedi of the galaxy. Cal’ll be forced to evolve along with his fan-famous droid BD-1, to learn new skills and build his connection with the Force, all while allying himself with diverse identifiers all over his journey.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reaches March 17, 2023. The full details are found here, including the gameplay trailer released last week, at The Game Awards.

I think it’s time to change this tweet, eh? Welcome to Star Wars, Cody Fern.

Cameron janaghan (@cameronmonaghan) December 11, 2022