Diro (Black Devil) vs. Reze & How to Fake The War?

There are many questions for each of the characters in Chainsaw: their answers to the question. Many of them look at the actual power of the devils, the Fiends and the Hybrids. What we believe is that there isn't any sign of any kind of thing going on. Denji (Chainsaw Devil) versus Reze (Bomb Devil): Who Won the Fight & How? Read More

There are still lots of unanswered questions for the Chainsaw Man manga and the anime. Some of them are concerned with the actual balance of power between the Devil and the Fiends. From what it seems, there doesn’t seem to be any fixed system, and it’s reason it’s always difficult to compare these characters to interpret them. Don’t let this happen. We have decided to compare Denji, better called Chainsaw Man, and Reze, better called the Bombgirl. This fight is so we have a much easier job than usual. How can you win this fight? Read on to find out.

By the Bomb Girl Arc, Reze and Denji clashed, as soon as Reze was sent to Take Pochita from Denji. After a long, exhausting battle, Denji was left alone with Reze and realized that she was incapable of using her explosive powers, he grabbed her and jumped into the sea with her, but didn’t kill her, which surprised Reze; she was ultimately killed by Makima.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article will be divided into three chapters, with the first two in this new chapter showing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. In the end, we’ll give our final verdict and explain why Denji could win Rex in Chainsaw Man – which we should do by recapping the fight as it happened in the series.

Denjis Chainsaw Devil has his abilities and powers and powers.

Denji, its last name is unknown, is the protagonist of the Chainsaw-Man manga and anime. This sweet man came back from the dead to become a favourite member of the prankster group. The Chainsaw Devil, with whom Denji has merged, is a powerful and feared Devil in the whole franchise, and that’s why the chainsaw Devil is a so-called threat.

Denji has a string that he can pull to become the Chainsaw Devil. To change the world, Denji needs blood. If he breaks out, he still can produce chainsaws. It is revealed that his agreement with Pochita helped develop that talent. Pochita became Denjis heart after giving up its regular existence.

Denji suffers from a change in the arm and head of the chainsaws which are all functioning. These chainsaws are extremely effective in cutting through demons; they can pass through the bat-devil arms. He can call up short chainsaws that he could walk and hang on walls.

Denji is too big to get into his altered state to pick up a car that has been quickly enslaved by his stumbling force and toss it back with equal force. Upon transformation, Denji withstood a direct hit from the Catalina that obliterated his structure. Despite the attacks, Denji was able to stand up and continue the battle. Denji is capable of having a fight while in ablaze. A few parts of his body were cut off at some point. He survived the beheading.

The devil’s evils and its evils can’t be killed a stone.

The Red of Lady Reacher is a hybrid that came to the United States when the Bomb Devil and another species of plants untook. She is the main enemy of the bombgirl arc and an ally of the Gun Devil. Reze is considered a sweet, caring girl, who soon finds love for him a few minutes after meeting Denji. She loves humor and doesn’t like to share intimate moments with him. She calls the owner of a cafe, the company she works at stingy for stealing her salary, demonstrating her disrespect for him. As seen by the merciless and vicious manner where she kills many Devil Hunters, she’s genuinely cruel. He likes to avoid murder, but, if this doesn’t help her, she doesn’t like to commit a crime.

Reze is physically strong for a young girl, but she can break an assassin’s arm easily and even strangle him to death. With only a knife, Reze could easily remove Denjis wrist with a single strike. Reze’s ability to be transformed into a tyre-sharony dress and look like an idiot.

She could use the same move, except when she blows her head off and leaves a fake version of herself to distract her adversaries. After Reze shows himself, the decoy is able to hold onto her head and throw it; while it explodes like a bomb, the rest of her body also can’t. Rezes strength is increasing in this form. She can now kick the Violence Fiend without hurting herself.

Reze can generate explosions with her own arms igniting skin, and this strengthens her physical strikes. Reze can evade them by detonating them after she takes them off. She can pull them from him. Reze also has the odd ability to put her limbs as torpedoes into weapons so she can use them more powerfully.

She can take Rezes explosive force without leaving her movement. She is able to fly through the air via constant back-to-back blasts. Reze can strike an explosive particle and then tame it. She can lose weight by ingesting blood because she’s a hybrid. She rapidly grew her amputated limb back after consuming the Typhon Devil’s blood. Reze is a master in fighting. She was able to fight against the murderer in his human form, utterly devilizing him and encircling him, and stinging him with a great reputation.

Who took over the battle and how did it win?

We can actually take a proper picture of our writings, but that isn’t really going to do the trick compared to what we decided to go with. And because Yhwach and Iibe Hyosube have indeed fought in the manga and are going to go in the anime, we thought it would be better for us to recap this fight, but we could see how that could help us understand that comparison.

Reze was actually a Soviet agent sent to Japan to capture Pochita, the Chainsaw Mans heart. She met Denji and looked very close to him, just pretending to like him (a little bit vague) until she finally decided to attack him and fulfill her initial plan. When she was a shared story, she decided to transform into the Bomb Devil to steal Denji’s headquarters and attack the police.

Reze, who has a lot of dead Devil Hunter heads, is reunited with Denji and his colleagues when they try to escape in a car. He was able to stop Rezes grasp though a fight with Violence Fiend. Since she finally realizes that she is an unconscious state, Denji prefers to fight Reze, but she’s not well at all satisfied with his treatment after herself. She believes that no woman who close to her wants to murder her only because they are fixated on her heart. Reze has received help from the Typhoon Devil throughout the fight, but Denji and Beam have finally prevailed.

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While being chased by Reze, Denji and Beam managed to kill and shake the Typhoon Devil, and after a long battle, Denji finally finds herself near Reze on a structure with a view of the ocean, using his chains to capture her, despite the fact that she could’ve tried to counter that move. He uses his underwater capabilities to swim into water and transports her with him. After winning over him, he decided to save her. She took her to the beach.

Reze wonders why Denji revived her when she wakes up on the beach with Beam and Denji after the fight. He argues, because of his immortality, that he doesn’t care how many awful things are that bad for him as long as he is able to eat well at the next day and throw it away, but if he turn it over to Public Safety, the reason would be that he feels bad. She is attractive; therefore, she wouldn’t mind being murdered by her.

Before turning around and leaving because she used to spend too much time fighting with him, Reze chuckles and bluntly informs Denji that every expression she has shown since they first met is nothing more than a staged performance. Denji promises to flee with her despite the fact that she is a killer. While she is false, she was the one who taught her how to swim. Reze approaches him and breaks his neck and tells him he’s more smart than she does. Denji informed him that he’d meet her at noon in the cafe.

That’s Denji for you. Even in the fall of victory, he’s modest and won’t change. Even when others posing as obvious as he might, he won’t change. Even though he threw Reze over at the end, we were never even even able to continue this romance. Reze was killed by Makima before meeting Denji in a cafe. And that is Makima for you.