Everyone who likes Apple should save this website

There's a new place to be back home in one of the best Apple moments! At a time in our lives, the majority of us was that person, who played a Steve Jobs video or Apples keynote more than once, on the computer. As long as it's clear that the world's most valuable company is definitely worth repeating, [].

There’s another way to remember apple lovers’ best moments.

At some point of our lives, most of us were this person who was in front of the computer and playing a Steve Jobs video or Apples keynote more than once. Even though it is clear that the world’s most valuable company is certainly worth repeating, its only got launched now a web site to store all your chapters in one place.

The site, registered under Context, was created by a group of developers – who, thanks to artificial intelligence, help users find specific times of Apple events – by typing keywords.

Think about life in life.

The new website explains how Apple’s keynotes are from 1983 to 1983.

As seen on the site, its an AI-powered search engine can find any instant you’ve been looking for through vast collections of audio and video content.

According to the developers, the platform has been in its early stages, but they’ve ambitious plans in order to revolutionize the way people discover, organize and share long-form content.

Remember any famous moment from Apple’s famous keynotes, from 1983 to presentjust write the year, the device, the speaker you desire to see in action again, or any word related to the event.

As previously reported, the platform offers video transcription, making it easy to take photos of the event from where it was held, or adding to social media posts.

On Reddit one of the developers behind Context replied to the user saying he was open for feedback and that a link to results would soon be available.

Tell me a story to discover.

It’s a interesting project for those interested in being able to retain and share history of the company. This isn’t the only initiative that has been presented this year.

The site of the Steve Jobs Archive on the Day of the Far Out keynote has officially launched, with the fullness of documents and the content in various formats.

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