I’m afraid of using WhatsApp, but I keep doing it

My first focus of life is that contradictions must be made for a while, and my relationship with whatsapp is one of the best examples. I hate receiving them but I like to send them. What does this very useful function do to attract hatred and passion depends on the phone's on that side?

My first axiom of life is that there are no contradictions necessary, and I am able to see whatsapp audio as an example of it. I hate receiving them, but I love to send them. What is this very useful function necessary to generate hatred and passion depending on the type of person you’re on.

Please don’t send me all my audio, please.

An operation’s full attention.

I don’t know whether life is life, social networks are the kind of text, so much has it worth it a long time before I was sick. Of course, my mind is that I almost always didn’t know what to do. A lot of information has been used in a short time. This allows me to do multitasking with a high success rate: you can get the majority of your readings and you can do a more complex task.

With voice messages, my attention will be much more valuable, so you should stop doing the other things. I know that it doesn’t matter to me. How many times has the audio on WhatsApp for several minutes and I had my own time to listen to it later, but when I had more time? If this talk is still a little bit over a minute, it is normal that there isn’t any more conversation.

To Caesar what is to Caesar: in one minute we can say many more things than if we all spend the same time writing, so we’ll also process more and more concrete information. I’m not always ready, but I have the mood or the time to listen to an audio.

If you need a mug, please.

She discovers that she has a five minute audio with her friend, oil on canvas.

See you tomorrow at five, at Zabaldi, vs hello, hello, hey, it’s cold today. Hey, now we’ll meet tomorrow! Since I started shopping in the old town, we can still meet at Zabaldi longer or less at 5, if you can. That I should return, for instance, a book that’s great, and isn’t worth it. The heart of the world is similar, but in first we understand what’s important, in second we have to understand, again, we are very careful. We love to connect.

I am important in providing context, but sometimes we become a version of the words “Chassis” of Tolkien. It is not easy to read this word in a short time, but can only read, as well. We are totally out of the habit because these are oral messages improvised amidst an arrangement.

What result? The scepticism of ideas that helps to hold what is important and what sometimes confuses more than it enlightens.

Find a excerpt from the conversation and other torture instruments.

In a speech, a lot of things are said and sometimes you must resort to them throwing in the face as a reminder. update important messages. Don’t scroll. Search for the specific text is very simple. The search engine does help you find the exact keyword.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many o’clock sounds are transmitted to the software’s audio receiver. If you have to exchange voices, you’ll likely take time to get through whatsapp audio. If you hear the sped up video, then you can be more effective, but the situation is still very bad. Tip: If you have any audio that you will need later, make it a favorite or send it to yourself.

What I love most about WhatsApp audio is the amount of listening time you send.

Can you get the app to a better height!

Taking into account two basic considerations, WhatsApp is a messaging application where the goal is to communicate and secondly, that application will be accessible to everyone. You’re your partner. This is your friend’s life. Your neighbor. The plumber. My aunt, Supra, comes from Logrono. Yes, none of those people are equally suited to touch phones and apps.

Even if you do it like to write, you do it because they can’t stop passing through with a keyboard. Because they can’t see the letters, their spaces are too small or they aren’t familiar. For your grandma, speaking with that’s often fun, so if she uses the audio to say OK, and then she shut up and assimilate afghans. WhatsApp is the most popular voice communication app available.

The natural nature of this oral treat has a bearing on your mood.

go ahead I’ll use the idea of doing the same thing to convey a long message on your behalf, so that it won’t be wasted from the exchange of ideas. Keep on speaking, communicate to him in writing.

Because of eating the children to eating the children, a comma translates into a desire to not eat the children, and instead cannibalism is an invitation. Punctuation isn’t easy, most of us don’t do that well and sometimes the art of writing is art. This creates misunderstandings.

In the upcoming year, the naturalness of the words helped to make the cake more well and the icing on the cake is given by the tone. For example, the gates of hell open to misinterpretations, but in an oral message you can say thank you, but no and make it much sweeter.

However, when talking to myself is difficult to understand, this is the perfect time for listening.

Welcome and welcome to my podcast.

A bag has its upside and upside. If you are writing a WhatsApp message, you should take careful notice of the screen and try to go typing. However, because of an audio, you must press the button and crack. With the addition of that a long time ago, it can’t be really difficult to hold down the microphone button.

Making audio is much more comfortable. Yes, you can also ride and stroll by text, but it is less efficient and less convenient as it is for anybody to read a 4-5 minutes of audio than 17 messages. It seems like a ninja gives the leaf because it’s much more collected.

Let’s be good, and blowing off steam as the message’s sender? I like your interviewer. If you are a familiar person, and do a 5 minute audio, then I think you do, you provide that extra joke that nurtures and strengthens your friendship. In fact, you have much room to move that trailer is something that has happened to you and so you will notice when you’re on.

Table of Contents.

  • Don’t tell me any audio?
    • An operation deserves considerable attention.
    • If you wish to buy a bag, you will have a great one.
    • Get a copy of the conversation and other instruments of torture.
  • What I like most about WhatsApp audio is what you want to say about it.
    • Ensure that you can access the app more quickly.
    • The natural nature of the oral plays your favor.
    • I invite you to listen to my podcast.