I use 5 safe tricks to clean the emails. I don’t receive a lot of emails

Gmail is importantand if you don't want to receive and memorize e-mails, you must stop a disabling situation which happens many times, and makes it harder to know the important things that you've sent us. [At the time of Android, the world was notified in order to help us []

It’s important to remove Gmail. If you don’t want to receive and read emails to accumulate, you must end your situation which gets worse every day and hardens the knowledge of what you’re sending in.

[Gmail para Android te avisa de cuanto espacio te queda para guardar correos].

Some tips you can apply every day to keep emails from piling up, and for many more useful things like this one can be done when you break the law.

Then you leave hundreds of unread emails in your inbox, and you will be able to pay more attention to important texts arriving.

Unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Get it unsubscribed on Netflix.

Android’s free download.

If you have many unread emails in your inbox, chances are many of them belong to a mailing list or newsletter that you subscribe, although you can’t know it.

In order to start the mail, Google has offered the possibility of canceling the subscription in a very simple way. From here on the phone, click on the button beside the recipient’s name, and then open the email.

You can’t sign up on the mailing list.

The free Android version is available for use.

All you have to do is search for emails that several brands send you periodically, and which don’t interest you, and press the unsubscribe button to clean up. If you can’t find this, it’ll become the bottom of the email.

Obviously if you want to continue receiving those emails you don’t need to unsubscribe, just read them and they don’t accumulate in your mailbox as unread messages.

Stop your sending spam and virus.

mdms in gmail, shackling users to open.

Android is free.

If you don’t give your email back lightly, you may find yourself in your inbox with emails that have more looks like nothing else. If they pass the spam filter and Google doesn’t place them directly in this folder, you can block the email address from which the message was sent.

To do that, you have to open only one of the emails from this user, right? Go to the option button. You could get it through the email from this address and stop spaming you.

Delete or read the mail when it arrives, don’t leave it until later.

I was able to forget a lot of emails when I read them, which makes them easier to forget.

To do that, remember to reply or delete an email, and remember that whenever it’s possible to, but when it’s not possible to answer the issue, wait for a moment, and do the right thing.

Find all the emails you want to delete.

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  • You can’t subscribe to mailing lists without getting up on the mailing list.
  • Bloc-users who send spam and virus for you.
  • If you have permission to remove mail from it, don’t leave it for later.
  • Search all of the emails you want to delete.
  • Adornos los correos sin leer para hacer limpieza.
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  • Sigue los temas that tienen pessimisto real y real.