If You’re not getting an SMS, here’s how to fix this problem

WhatsApp didn't stop at coming up with important news, such as the possibility of creating avatars that have already arrived this week in Europe. With Android 13 she has a bit of a problem. Do you want to come down with the slug?

WhatsApp does not stop producing important news such as the possibility of creating avatars that were already coming in Europe. She has a problem with mobiles with Android 13 Now it’s hard to tell the person about that.

n a su puo enviarte mensajes a su muje y en el encyclopedia de WhatsApp y en el entncia.

That’s the way it resolved?

whatsapp posted a new version that fixed the bug, it is not receiving notifications. In other words, the notifications don’t appear in the panel assigned for these purposes, even if messages are received in the application.

The bug stems from an android setting, which warns users of the difficulty of the user’s request to block calls from the app, to protect them against unwanted displays.


Android offers free access.

WhatsApp released a new beta version that will end in.22 and fix the problem that can lead to bitterness.

All it takes is Go to the Google Play Store to get this new version, although it’s in beta, it’s difficult to install it, so you can download it from apkmirror with an APK.

Facebook is a new feature of its service.



The application needs to be refreshed and complete by updating all the information we have been giving our clients. And it is that this application, with millions of people in Europe who use it every day, can lead to a bad experience.

Let’s wait until the three other new things this chat application brings, to which it wants to offer the fullest experience, such as reading by date, design for tablets, and companion mode.

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