In the announcement of the action MMO, you decide what to expect in dungeons

Wayfinder was recently announced at the Game Awards 2022. The movie's creator called Character-based Online action role-playing is a fictional game. Two studios are developing this project, the two of whom have the responsibility for the Free2Play shooting game Warframe and the roleplaying game Ruined King, known in LoL. 17 Relatively executed King im Test The best role-playing technique []

Wayfinder was announced in the Game Awards 2022, which its developers called Character-based Online action role-playing game “Learn” is an example. The project is being developed by two studios, each responsible for the Free2Play shooter Warframe and the role-playing game Rikers King known in the LoL universe.

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A knight in the crossfrog tries to lose his weight.

The perfect game for holidays, not just for arcane fans.

How is Wayfinder doing?

The first trailer already shows what the new role-playing game has to look like. We’re apparently travelling to a fantasy realm that’s filled with steampunk elements, a plagued by mean-looking, golem-like creatures:


A gameplay for the action group of Ruined King developer takes care of first.

We already saw several different characters, all of them unique and unique stories, different game styles and skill sets must bring. Others may be:

  • A well-armed knight could take on the role of a tank and probably take a beating.
  • The muscular lady clearly specializes in dishing out, who prefers her fists or melee weapons.
  • Another female character with pointed ears and horns. We rarely see him, but she looks like a suspect.
  • A nimble rifle-tough fighter, which utilizes firearms and crossbows, and has advanced technology.
  • There is a kind of dark magician who can use very similar powers as the ones of our enemies, with a scythe and summon an incredibly large fist that crushes everything.

Each character is choosing his own tactic for the fight against that behemoth.

Very unsurprising: The characters shown so far do more than just get you into the classes from other games and MMOs. With friends, they may explore dungeons in the online world, find new weapons, craft, or search the world and build houses.

But a special feature of Wayfinder is still present.

A lamp from the darkness seems impossible to see.

This name contains an arcade system that allows you to customize dungeons extensively before visiting them. There are certain alterations that affect the spawning of certain enemies, and the type and amount of loot and resources you can find.

When i look at customization options for dungeons, enemies are leaving a flurry of fire here.

The game returns to the players’ new challenges. Enemies do a lot more damage or environmental influences make it difficult to progress. The system’s function isn’t yet clear but it must always provide a variety and new experience.

You’ll soon be able to play yourself.

The first news and impressions from Wayfinder are what you’re thinking of, so you can still try it yourself in December. On the official website of the game game PC gamers can now apply for a free test, and in the best case, in the summer of 2014, we’ll begin to play the game.

If you have a PlayStation, there will be a test for the console in January. In the Spring of 2023 Wayfinder will appear in Early Access for PC and PlayStation, with the full release scheduled for fall 2023.

Can you see the first look at Wayfinder? Or is your body still not original enough?