It’s interesting as a surprise! Dragon Quest Treasures are in the ’80s

As soon as you see it, here are some of the other reviews which will be doing the rounds online. The group at Pocket Tactics gave Treasures 9 out of 10 ratings, which means that it has been a great entry into the popular series for players.

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Now that you have seen it, here’s a round-up of some other books that are doing the rounds on the internet.

The team at Pocket Tactics gave the Society a 9 out of 10 rating. It’s a great entry, for new players and for new players alike: “Desktop has a good time in the new wave”

Dragon Quest Treasures is an adventure treasure filled with charm from the DQ of the rambunctious world, but a still apart from the rest of the world. Your mechanics are unique and engaging, and it has a good taste for humanity. In fact, its mechanics are very good at working as well. As a first-time winner, a great entry into a popular series.

Siliconera enjoyed its time with the game awarding it 8 out of 10, but found it a bit overwhelmed at times:

The Dragon Quest Treasure is too big! There’s more to do. Players can explore diverse islands, quests to complete, and a wide range of monsters to collect. It’s clear a game that anybody should pick at for weeks. It can be hard to pick when it comes to number of tasks to do. When you take time and take regular breaks to rest your thumbs after all the digging, it is a very convenient and sometimes even enjoyable experience.

Destructoid said that a match like this could take five hours to complete.

For winter nights, this Dragon Quest Treasure is for me. Once the Square Enix reaches an end of the strewn, the harrow is for the end!

Digital Trends gave it 3 out of 5, but felt it had some problems:

Dragon Quest Treasures fumbles some key details, resulting in an at times frustratingly tedious RPG, but its heart is always right. To deliver exploration that has a childlike imagination, it’s a very simple effort. For younger players or even older people who fondly remember pretending to be a pirate when they were young, and dont bother to think of the idea of putting on a lot of money, an adventure like Erik and Mias is an euphorizing return to the sandbox.

Twinfinite was another site to score 4, awarding it one of 5, and calling it a fun and enjoyable experience overall:

Dragon Quest Treasures aren’t perfect experiences, but instead they’re fun and entertaining. The new ideas and mechanics they make to that Dragon Quest series trademarks are sound and they could prove vital to the series direction as well as in mainline games and what will be a solid new spinoff series for years to come. You can have a fair introduction. But if you like it, the players will find something worth the patience.

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