Ixion, a space odyssey that tailed back on Steam and became the instant hit, why?

Were in the end days of launching news for this season, so if nobody wants to rush the days till Christmas, then we are going to start thinking about it. In a few things that we get out of the catalogue, a lot of names are coming out of the Kindle. Today, one of the few that nearly topped the list of bestsellers in one of the two categories arose to make the most of the ebooks in the past.

Until the end of the season we have begun releasing news because it’s not known about how to hurry up, which is a time of the best choice for me to have the day before Christmas. With the many titles coming out of the computer, one has almost surpassed the reputation in few hours. You know just what game is about Ixion.

The classic concept is an early version of the concept.

Ixion The ship was introduced by Steam on the 7th of December, and it was, just 24 hours after its delivery, the sixth place of the Valve store bestsellers. That it isn’t turkey booger if we are looking at the number of novelties that stick in the first place and not a question, precisely, of a genre or a massive title, but rather rather a niche title, of those who have many fans but who are very, very loyal.

That Ixion is a title of a good grade, and is best enjoyed on PC, with a good keyboard and a good mouse. its essence as a city builder, is an example of how to imagine the future for humanity by a new and pristine spaceship, and preserving our survival, are everything in a hostile ecosystem like deep space.

In Ixion, we’re responsible for ensuring space travel goes as usual, and that’s why we must consciously understand the whole thing that needs to be done to run such an epic and grab the resources to avoid the whole extinction of our species. Therefore, unlike other management games where we can move around ground maps with facilities and resources, we must manage what we have already done with us or what we are going to collect through some planetary systems which a light acceleration vehicle can travel.

A little story to write in this campaign mode.

The game has many choices, but isn’t that funny enough, because it is a campaign that makes us to think about what to do with that game. He talks about the events that led to space’s journey and contextualizes the missions that they will entrust to us. This is a way, non just to have fun with basic controls and concepts, but also to add drama and meaning to everything that we see phase after phase.

The game system is very basic, but works well, and very entertaining, the expedition’s primary goals are finding a home, a food and a job for those who travel with us. The ship will be able to control a ship that is completely unsafe if our seagull tries to protect us.

Don’t think the space station is a small cargo ship or something. We talk about extraordinarily great ingenuity that, as we manage new sectors, they will even need roads and tracks for cars to transport things from one place to another, so success and hours of play per game are more than guaranteed.

If you haven’t tried what he offers yet, Ixionthere that many alternatives it offers in a genre like the city architecture, then you are in time to try it. This Christmas is coming to a great destination.