Joker 2: The macabre clown of Joaquin Phoenix appears in the first image of the sequel

A lot of Joker They have passed before our eyes over the years. Legendary actors like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill And now, Jared Leto they have become the archenemy of Batman. One of the most charismatic songs is that of Joaquin Phoenix, which made great applause for the public and critics with the 2019 movie.

Joker Stories have passed before us over the years. Legendary actors like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill And till Jared Leto they’ve incarnated the antiquated icon of Batman. One of the most charismatic versions of the movie is that of Joaquin Phoenix which was captivated with the public and the critics with the movie.

Three years have passed since the theatrical release. However, we are supposed to wait for the next one, although the first image already has a picture already exist. Todd Phillipsdirector of the movie, revealed a screenshot of Joker: Madness For Two on his Instagram account. It is possible that the clown continues to be as disturbing as ever.

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Batman: The sequel to the Joker: The final movie of the Dark Knight in two bars.

We do not know anything about the plot of this continuation, but it is clear that this plot will happen in Arkham Asylum. That’s right. The psychiatric center will be the central stage; so we already know what’ll happen inside this building, especially when Lady Gaga is in charge of taking the role of Harley Quinn.

The biggest change will be in the genre of the film itself, since we make a musical leap. Both Gaga and Phoenix are experts in music, with both winning an award for film performances. In addition to that the music of the past year, Gaga has become one of the greatest artists of all time. On occasion, we’ll see results from the production of Joker: A Madness For Two el 4 de 2024.

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