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Image: Nintendo Life Hello ladies, and welcome for the second edition of Box Art Brawl! Last time we looked at some of Sega Genesis's best games, Castlevania: Bloodlines (also known as Castlevania: New Generation). There was a great start and Japan seemed to have gone ahead with the crown, but [] it would have seemed to be the same name that Japan would have run away with the crown, but so did Japan, as well.

Nintendo Life Image.

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Box Art Brawl!

Last time we watched one of the most enjoyable games of the Sega Genesis, Castlevania: Bloodlines (also known as Castlevania: The new generation). There was a close call and it seemed like Japan would lose the crown. But finally, the North American variant with its bold colors and brighter composition took home the win with 42% of the votes.

This time, were going to check out the Mario Kart Super Circuit, the GBA racing classic. Since it was released back in 2001, it received significant critic reviews for its visuals and slick gameplay. For this weeks edition of Box Art Brawl, North America and Europe will join with Japan, which again utilises a horizontal landscape for its display of box art.

Next thing, it’s just going to be cracking.

If you want to vote in the bid below, go ahead and see the gallery of the art of the box.

I. A. (Europe) and North America.

In a picture: Nintendo.

Now this is the one probably familiar with, right? It shows Mario himself chilling out in his kart, watching the camera again with a look of, Uh Determination? We’re not sure, but a striking image, even if it does not include other characters in the game. The blue background is really good, and we like the logo dick and good.


Image: Mario.

The white background here is a nice contrast to the western ear and Japanese text is really striking. We’re kind of glad that it wasn’t called Mario Kart Advance here, I think.

Where do you come from? 1.4435 votes.

  • North America / Europe 74%

  • Thank you for voting! Well next time you’ll be taking a hand for another piece of box art.