The Alchemy of Souls episode 2: Reactions: Jin Ho-kyung Angers Fans While Jang Uk Stuns Us All-Starts

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The 2nd week of this series, Alchemy of Souls ends the first weekend with two of the sequels and we love everything that we received in these two episodes. Go Yoon-jung, Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seung-ho, Yoo Jun-sang, Oh Na-ra and Jo Jae-yoon, which has been directed by Park Joon-hwa, and stars Lee Jae-wook, appeared on tv on December 10, 2022.

A mysterious return of Naksu is revealed in Episode 2 of the new season based on her evidence of her burning body in season 1. This revealed the cruelty of Jin Ho-kyungs character in which she was obsessed with her daughter Jin Bu-yeon got into a new height in this episode.

On the other hand, we saw our anger calm as Jang Uk saved our emotions through his charismatic entry and protection, which saved Bu-yeon/ Naksu during this episode. His strong entry into the assembly and the fact that she was his wife definitely have stolen our hearts and I am loving this strong Jang Uk.

Similarly, Naksus character depicts an innocent, wild-headed man who accepts as much as it is known, where she possesses no memory of the person she was three years ago, but she does not have any idea what it is. Despite such traits, the legends have proved that it was a fact that she left behind her as Mu-deok but that her feelings have been visible.

And this brings us to the comparison between Jang Uks’ behavior towards Mu-deok and Naksu in the two seasons that will fill you with emotions unknown. Finally, fans also like that Bu-yeons reaction when seeing Seo Yul; we all know that is as relatable as it can get.

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Here is a sneak peek into the reaction of fans who have recently enjoyed this episode:

Buyeons has dead soul. Her body remained with the Naksus Soul. He healed & wasn’t in the mood anymore. If she gets back to energy, she will also recover memories. Naksu has returned in this time with upgraded power. l , * .

As long as Yogi is the only woman who never allowed himself into his bed, because of the very nature that he keeps catching when it’s slept, or how in-de-sembly that he dried up with his powers.

Since we are hated, we can’t believe that jin is becoming worse at the evil jinmu like??? cant believe she would go so far its too selfish#Alchemy,2Ep2#Alchemy,2#Alchemy,2#Alchemy,2#Alchemy,2#Alchemy,2#Alchemy,2#Alchemy,2#Alchemy,3″ (and thaw

Allistica was a slumber and was born.

Ivoo || gyj sexy, love.

Jin Siblings couldn’t deny that they are related to each other and that they are both evil.

yuwel (@yuwelphoria) December 11, 2022.


yuwel (@yuwelphoria) December 11, 2022

Rain (@utterrains) December 11, 2022.

Reborn Rich Episode 11 Reactions: Grandfather-Grandson love is intense.

(@leejaewookstyle) December 11, 2022

Jin Buyeon is not a heiress to Jinyowon, but a wife of mine.

Dreamingsnowflake (@ramblingsofafan) December 11, 2022

yna (@saeguks) December 11, 2022

Jang Uk warms Yeong, and nurses her the way she did 3 years ago. The man in his heart turned into a stifling piece of ice by the ice stone gives warmth to others.

Dreamingsnowflake (@ramblingsofafan) December 11, 2022

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yeongsou I December 11, 2022.

AOS Era (@shadowlight22) December 11, 2022

nilam | waiting for the Moving (@ddu_kyungsoo) December 11, 2022.

Dreamingsnowflake (@ramblingsofafan) December 11 – 2022

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