The door 11 has been opened with Callisto Protocol and more

Great prizes are hidden every day in the XboxDynasty Advent Calendar 2022. Check out what will happen today and share that with your friends! In the XboxDynasty advent calendar, there are numerous games and great prizes that we raffle yearly among the participants. I walked a lot of times to winning.

Every day we find winners in the XboxDynasty Christmas Calendar 2022. What a good day! Share that door with your friends.

In the XboxDynasty advent calendar, all of the participants play a lot of games and big prizes every day.

XboxDynasty Advent Calendar Prices.

  • Callisto Protocol for 18 people more than 18 years.
  • Watch Dogs Legion Full Edition (18+ participation) Disc Disc.
  • The fourth edition of The Six Sieges, made from 18+ participants, Discs.
  • Only Dance 2022-Disc just yet.
  • Two car wheels with two-wheeler

XboxDynasty Advent Calendar Sweepstakes Rules.

The whole day we open up a door in the advent calendar when we hear news.

A message: All winners receive an email with their prize.

We will immediately exclude anyone who spams their account from the draw and, if necessary, block it.

The general conditions apply as with all sweepstakes.

Let me give you a hand and share this little door with my friends and I’ll keep you happy.

The entire XboxDynasty team is constantly checking for all participants and wishes for some advent calendar time. We appreciate you for your support and your trust in us.

You’ve got the opportunity to win a rare and strictly limited Fallout Pip-Boy Edition. Call here for a raffle!

It’s not all that hard because, even if you don’t have to, one can win a Gotham Knights Collectors Edition worth 399.99 dollars (RRP) for the rest of the twenty-two years. The raffle is organisers’ choice.

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