The next prank has been announced at Game Awards

Death Stranding is coming and the project is almost entirely more mysterious than its predecessor at the Games 2022. Hideo Kojima is again a powerful image, which raises more questions than that they answer. However, an important message is important, not only for first-time friends, but also for the medium itself. It isn't [] [it]'s [a] thing.

Death Stranding 2 is coming and is nearly even more mysterious than its predecessor at the Game Awards 2022. Hideo Kojima, again, uses powerful pictures to answer more questions than them can do.

Nevertheless, an important message is not only for first-hand friends, but also for the medium itself. Kojima is considered a creative powerhouse, pushing the boundaries of the medium and driving innovation.

Regardless, not much is known about DS2. But the first trailer speaks much (cryptic) volumes. Well, the Sam Porter Bridge has gone a long way: it’s looking at how well she gets older.


Death Stranding 2: Kojima looks at a tentacle baby and remarks arise from the trailer.

What do we know about DS2?

How and when does it come into a PC? Death Stranding 2 is most likely to be the exclusive PlayStation 5. It was like that with its predecessor. Kojima and Sony are close because of the rift between Konami and the game designers.

The first part appeared in the first picture not one year later, but also in the PC. We assume that a PC player may play second part, and then even in the end, until a year is enough. In the trailer above, you see the PS5 logo at the end. There is no other one in the picture.

What else are we going to know about the game? This is difficult to do except the ambiguous pictures that are etched in the trailer. Hideo Kojima said that he doesn’t want to go in with detail yet and would rather wait for talks on what’s being shown.

We see familiar characters like Sam Porter and its protagonist from the first game, now visibly aged. The bridge baby is playable. An unimpressed red-masked threat and machine intimidation suggest new dangers.

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The Directors Cut is interesting, too, for skeptics, and is also for skeptics.

After the original release, Dead Stranding was followed by a director cut, which we test in detail above in the GameStar exam. The new edition addresses critical issues and can thus please the skeptics of the very leisurely gameplay, but often does not offer any significant improvements to a few connoisseurs.

What’re your reactions to the death story of two? Does anyone know what happens – is this story?