Today, the Christmas Carol sketch We saw weren’t known for we needed to get the Christmas Carol sketch. Steve Martin and Martin brief give us the Christmas Carol sketch

Christmas is over now; so Martin Short and Steve Martin came together on SNL this Saturday to tell us the true meaning of the holiday: maiming street urchins with coins!

Christmas is coming soon. So Martin Short and Steve Martin came together on the SNL this Saturday to remind us of the true meaning of the holiday: “Maiming street urchins with coins! That’s right. Short, as a ghost of Christmas present, and as a ghost of the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol gave us a new chilling and hilarious twist. There’s a lot more blood than they have in their version. And a lot more screaming. I have a look at a sketch above.

In less amazing news, The New York Times revealed today that public schools worked together with the military and increased the amount of students that they are mandated to take students class. The objective is to increase enlistment numbers that have been steadily dropping lately (gee I wonder why), and ROTC classes are a tactic to get those numbers up because it’s been proven that at least 40 % of students in ROTC will enlist after graduation. Of course, this being America, the schools that are the most focused among the ROTC and mandatory enrollment programs are primarily a Black or POC student group.

jordan (@JordanUhl) December 11, 2022

Even Congressman Ted Lieu condemned that practice, who isn’t a veteran himself. He’s probably the right one. We don’t oppose indoctrination and the military industrial complex of this house. The New York Times.

I was honored to be active in the US military. That means having students take military classes is a wrong and a hate ring. No authoritarian country like Russia. Any high school that automatically enrolls students in JROTC must cancel this policy immediately.

Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) December 11, 2022.

Last night, when someone called for a bomb threat, someone interrupted the Patti LaBelles concert in Milwaukee, so he cut out the space. The auditorium was evacuated safely, but security quickly led a misty Patti LaBelle off stage. But I need to say, what the hell is it? They were also the ones responsible for this. We must never own our treasure.

philip lewis (@Phil – Lewis) December 11, 2022.

In the shocking news, Jamie Lee Curtis and Colin Farrell spoke about their long acting legacies and sobriety as well as the long relationship. It is a funny read, but a few days later, Variety revealed a wide ediote of a rock scene from Everything, Everywhere, Everywhere.

Colin Farrell: I thought that was one of the best, illustrated and acted scenes. Two tiny plasticine-shaped rocks talk to each other.Jamie Curtis: I don’t think they’re animated, friends.

Variety (@Variety) December 10, 2022.

This will only confirm my belief that Colin Farrell is a precious cinnamon roll that must be protected for all costs. Variety

And finally, it’s time to talk about how did Elon Musk relog the Twitter image today? And the answer is double. First, he tweeted this baffling attempt at comedy:

My prosecutors are Prosecut and Fuuci.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 11, 2022.

What crime do you think Fauci was committed? The unconstitutional wars were also counterproductive to anti-vaxx crimes. She believes in this. What we think is important is that we know the pros and cons? Methinks the answer is not.

He also confirmed a rumor that tweet lengths would be extended from 280 characters to 4000 characters. OUR THOUSAND.


Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 11, 2022

If his goal is to make Twitter unusable, which it looks like, that’s a great step down this path. This isn’t a blog for a reason that Musk goes to Twitter. Go buy Reddit or something and let us go alone.

The photo was taken from the SNL.