Twitter Blue is going to cost more on the iPhone

Twitter isn't exempt from Apple's tax and won't collect that from users! Updated security measures weren't the only notable change before the relaunch of Twitter's paid subscription, Blue. After an abrupt twist and a surprise visit from Elon Musk to Apple Park, nothing will stop Twitter from being in the App Store.

Twitter isn’t exempt from Apple’s tax and will collect this from users.

Updated security measures were not the only change of the year before the release of the twitter paid subscription, Twitter Blue. After twists and turns and a surprise visit from Elon Musk to Apple Park, not any one would hinder Twitter from being in the App Store. Apple doesn’t charge a third-party price for purchases of the service. Twitter Blue will be more expensive for iOS users.

As soon as Twitter Blue relaunched on Monday, the company confirmed that the membership would cost $7 for those who subscribe through Twitter’s website, but it will cost $11, as well.

Twitter follows Apple’s rules.

Twitter for iOS is going to cost $11.

It’s been a brief trip last month and the users on Twitter Blue used the account verification mark system to give users the real-time support. In light of complaints about this, the company decided to review the privacy policies and suspend the service temporarily.

While using the free service, Twitter Blue will allow users to edit tweets and upload 1080 video videos.

This is the most important measurement for a computer scientist. It will be a process of checking the color and type of people that have been designated to be independent of business, government finances, and likewise the fact that they want to become independent from others. In regards to the latter, the company will solicit a telephone number for existing and new Blue subscriptions and other data to verify these.

The announcement certainly didn’t leave any indifferents on the detractors of the controversial Apple tax. In this regard, the CEO of Epic Games was one of the first to speak, so that he would be able to win on all costs against app developers.

Finally, as well as many other companies that criticize app store policies, Twitter chose to follow the rules for offering subscriptions via iOS. The application allows users to use the subscriber and take care of the social network as well. And if they have more than the e-book, they could use the app store’s 30% fee to pay developers.