25 Most Beautiful Kpop songs of 2022 That Made Us Groove: Run BUTS, Pink Venom, BTBT and More

Check the list of 2022 best Kpop Songs. Read on to find out more.

New and old K-pop artists have released songs that made this year special. Every song goes from NewJeans to 2nd generation K-pop legends BIGBANG.

Let’s dive in our list of Best Kpop Songs of 2022, free of charge.

15 best Kpop songs of 2022.


BTS came back with another song on social media. With the new song being watched everywhere, tidbits, YouTube and YouTube played a prominent role in the Korea-based region.

Life is still alive- BIGBANG.

The one of the best concerts of 2022 has to be this one. After years of research, G-Dragon, O.P. Taeyang and Daesung returned together to take a back-and-coming look. This song was very successful, with an average of 900k+ Single Listeners on Melon within 24 hours. It became a great history. It was a song-topping song in China, too. Rolling Stone named it one of the best songs in 2022. He also won the MAMA Prize for the Best Vocal Performance.

Vulcumia (Yellow) – BLACKPINK – Pink venom – BlackPINK (BlackPinet).

After two years, the world’s largest girl group has returned with a powerful dance number. The fans were mad at the return and showed immense support and love. Pink Venom became easily one of the biggest songs in South Korea and the world. It immediately became viral and almost nobody can escape it.

Forever – Girls Generation (SNSD) Forever 1- Girls generation (Forever)

Girls Generation is a member of the Nations group. After several years of together learning to dance, we got a peppy dance number. They all of the group, known as the SNSD, joined the comeback. This track achieved a large success in South Korea.

BTBT B.I X Soulja Boy Feat. DeVita

B.I released the party hymn of the year that has been the official official of the iKON team. This dance number is actually one of the best songs of 2022 by members of Soulja Boy. B.I is not only an amazing rapper, but also one of the best dancers in the K-pop industry. The song got viral across the internet and received a positive feedback from fans and non-fans alike.

During first glance, I gave up on “like- IVE”.

The new single After Like broke the record of their debut group IVE. The new girl group stormed the K-pop industry. The song is a not only successful in South Korea, it also went viral across various social media platforms. With captivating visuals and a dynamic beat, this track is the fan favorite.

Hype Boy – NewJeans.

The new Hybe Entertainment girl group has gone viral with a new single. Because this song was highly successful in the chart, they beat several of the long-time K-pop group in the industry, in order to win the top spot. The industry supported many artists, such as TikTok and others who made their hits online, which brought a lot of fans together.

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The law of action is to protect the snatched.

This song has been viral for several weeks now. People aren’t over it. The 2022 Hybe Entertainment debut girl group has already gone viral with their latest song. As a K-pop fan as well as non-fans alike, this song has been followed only once in the past few days. That track was a chart-topper, too.

Future Perfect- ENHYPEN.

The four generation boy group EnHYPEN comes back to haunt you with a song he has yet to sing. He responded positively the group came.

The above-skills feat. Suprem of BTS SUGA.

The song was made by Indian musicians PSY and SUGA of BTS, who also produced the track. It quickly garnered lots of attention from the fans and ran viral. The song was well received nationally and internationally.

Good Boy gone- tomorrow X Together.

TXT comes back with a song on K-pop for the most famous style, with punk rock. The song was re-serted in their homeland, but at the international level it got more attention.

A couple of more popular words have been written.

Talk that talk for two days – Twice a day.

Popular girl group Twice re-jointed with a hard track with a compelling chorus. The girl group is known for their intricate choreography, so by now they went viral and even after all, they gave their unique hooks.


Nayeon made her solo debut this year and surprised everyone. The solo artist broke multiple records with his dance-pop number. It was a huge success, as well as a mainstream song among K-pop fans. Multiple artists from the industry were seen dancing on the track.

It’s about defending societal norms and being yourself. Although the lyrics of the song are light-hearted, the message is still powerful. The song became successful in Korea, too.

Jin of BTS dropped a solo song this year just before his military enlistment. The singer sings about life and his journey in the soft ballad which became a fan favourite. The BTS member will have an mandatory military enlistment by the end of December.

Which song are you influenced by?

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