A Ditto: NewJeans takeover Winter With a New Single, Announces Comeback in 2023

NewJeans announced its first comeback with a pre-release single, Ditto.

Ditto is the title of an upcoming B-side performance by the big-hit girl group, NewJeans. After taking over the K-pop industry with their debut album, Attention and Hype Boy, the band will come up with a new single to take over the winter season. And in addition to the new year track, they are on their first return.

The group put the fun news on their social media handles, with the title NewJeans of Winter. In the two teasers their name is red and white, while the rabbit jumps across its white colour to match the winter festive aesthetic. For the third teaser, they put the written lyrics of the song in the teaser.

In the lyrics, Oh Say It Ditto, which is probably going to make the chorus of the song and other lyrics more like Do you want somebody Like I want someone? It’s really exciting when we listen to the lyrics and they’re getting a romantic festive song, that will surely add to everybody’s playlist.

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NewJeans shared one post (@newjeansofficial) to address that problem.

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The new album is called OMG and will be released on January 2, 2023. The album was announced first in June when their label ADOR said they’re gearing up for the comeback.

ADOR is a subsidiary of Hybe Corporation which includes many big groups including BTS, TXT, Seventeen, Le Sserafim and more. The super rookie group is composed of five members, Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein. Although they launched in July of this year in addition to their hit songs, they haven’t gained an incredibly loyal audience in a long time.

Even the group name represents a statement, which reflects the idea that jeans are a timeless fashion item and the groups will give themselves a timeless image. The name is also a wordplay on the phrase “new genes” to refer to the group ushering in a new generation of pop songs, which they actually stand true to.

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The song Ditto will be released in December the 19th, 2022, at 6 PM KST.

Are you eager to return the NewJeans?

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