A Mystery is going to be hidden in Perth and Canberra Next Year Additional Seasons of The Mousetrap Confirmed

The producer behind the current 70th anniversary tour of long-running murder mystery/play Agatha Christies confirmed today the mystery will come to Australia from next year and in two new states and territories, confirmting the seasons at His Majesty Theatre in Perth from 8 April 2023 - and the Canberra Theatre Centre from 11 [] []

The producers behind the current 70th Anniversary tour of long-running murder mysteries, The Mousetrap has today confirmed that the mystery will run through in two new Australian states and territories next year, confirming the seasons at His Majestys Theatre from 8 April 2023 to 11 May 2023. Previously, the two seasons overlaped both Sydney and Paramatta, and fill the sizable gap between them. The season is set to start in 2023 in anticipation of new announcements.

The first pre-sales of Australia to start tomorrow are being arranged. Regardless of any state the general public sale is going to begin on Friday 16 December 2023. In all Australia’s states, tickets will be displayed, including the two newly announced seasons.

The mousetrap follows the guests and staff at Monkswell Manor who discover themselves trapped by a snow storm and an apparent murder was found nearby. It becomes clear soon that the killer is among them, and the seven strangers become increasingly suspicious of one another. A police officer who came on skis interrogates the suspects: newlyweds, spinster with curiosity; architecture in a resemblance to a chef; retired army major; a strange little man who claims his car turned down in a rift; and a jurist who makes the life of everybody miserable. When a second murder takes place, tensions and fears are escalated.

CharacterActorStand by MaryAnna, My Fair Lady Never dies, Giles RalstonAlex RathgeberYou can love It, it’s a tale of greatness in your house.

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