A puppy-got a trailer: Rob Lowe tries to find his dear dog

A man named Dog Gone, an early movie, is about a boy looking for his lost dog.

The trailer for the next movie Dog Gone has been released on Youtube and other social media platforms. The movie revolves around a true story and tells the story of two dedicated dog owners, who embark on a mission to find their mission-trikes, Gonker. Moreover, the flick is directed by Stephen Herek and features Rob Lowe in the lead role.

Dog Gone is a still from the forthcoming rescue feature.

The full cast of the movie includes Kimberly Willaims-Paisley, Susan Gallagher, Nick Peine, Johnny Berchtold, Al Mitchell, Anabella Didion, Bruce Busta Soscia, Michael H Cole, Rachel Thompson and many more. This movie is written by Nick Santora, and is based on a book by Pauls Toutongh. It has a runtime of one hour and 35 minutes.

The official synopsis of the heart warming film reads like this.

As soon as his beloved dog is gone, a young man goes on an incredible search to get out of his car and give him life-saving medicine.

The trailer of the film tells us a bit more about the pet rescue as well as the emotional story of a dog named Gonker who fell into an appalachian road. The movie is, on the other hand, a father and son relationship story, that gets more reinforced in the quest for their dear dog.

On the whole trailer, Robe Lowe determined to rescue Gonker through an endless collection of exciting events. In addition to that adventure, there’s also a light-hearted humour present, which seems like an emotional element of the story.

A still from the next dog rescue Dog Gone a still is found.

The one minute and fifty-nine-second clip evokes a huge number of emotions in a way that carries the most powerful connection to the subject. A tearful scene happened on the official clip a long time ago. In all, the trailer is a sweet film with the love of gold, and a song where Lowe won’t quit while he’s getting his dog Gonker.

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Watch the trailer for Dog Gone Below.

You can stream this movie on Netflix starting on January 13th 2022.

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