After the crash detection in iPhone 14 it would become impossible for someone to help his wife in order to come to the nearest hospital

Reddit user r/unclescorpion didn't know what would happen on the phone and he wife a few days ago. She was driving and suddenly heard a scream before the call was suddenly blocked. I am not just giving up, but still free-of-work. But before turning doubts down, we finally got a certainty.

Reddit user r/unclescorpion hadn’t been able to get the idea what would happen when he called his wife a few days ago. When she drove, she suddenly heard a screaming voice, but the call was then interrupted. Logically, nobody is restless.

Only a few seconds later a notification appeared on the user’s iPhone that an accident had been detected in her husband’s car.

Oscillating warnings may help you deal with issues.

Reddit details what happened: the couple had an iPhone 14 capable of detecting traffic accidents, and her husband had one of the emergency contacts they had assigned in the event of an accident logically. He could come and arrive at the scene of the accident before the ambulance would itself.

The hit was caused by an exit from the intersection and the driver fell behind. Luckily, the collision wasn’t serious, and the two involved are recovering. R/unclescorpion appreciates the notice that he received on his iPhone because if he hadn’t received it, I would’ve been worried for a long time.

This accident detection system may not be the best in some situations like riding a roller coaster, but we also have looked at how it was useful, from the first day. And hope this is the case, as long as possible.

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