Alchemy of Bloods Season 2: Decoding the Mystery Of Naksu aka Go Yoon-jungs Return

We're here to give the story off the mystery behind their return in the second season of Alchemy of Animated Souls. Read on.

Alchemy of Souls season 2 continues a story about our beloved mages from Daeho whose story begins three years after the tragic events that made them change lives. Go Yoon-jung, Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seung-ho, Yoo Jun-sang, Oh Na-ra and Jo Jae-yoon alongside other cast members.

The original series of Alchemy of Souls showed excitement and unravelling of mysteries in the two main episodes. The sequel is not letting this stream stop, as the stream begins in the same way. After the preparation for this season’s first weekend, the sequel began by revealing one of the biggest mysteries of this show.

How did Naksu get back into life?

It is here to reveal this mystery. We are there now, without further ado, to tell you exactly what happened to Naksus and how she returned to the show.

Ah alchemy of Souls Season 2: Go Yoon-jungaka Naksus Return.

What was Naksus’ real body doing?

Before we begin with the secret behind her return, let’s go back to season 1 and remember why this seems impossible to us all. In season 1, when Naksus soul moved towards Mu-deoks body, her real body was removed by Songrim after then being handed to Jin Mu.

Alchemy of Minds, Episode 2 is still being repaired.

Jin Mu burned Naksus, the body of the general public, and shown it to them that the infamous assassin is now dead. This knocked up the path of Naksu leaving back to her original body which made us curious, after the teaser of the new season showed her returning to her real body.

Rettung Mu-deok?

Two men jumped into the lake after the end of season 1, who then saved him from reaching the bottom of the water. In the 2nd episode of Alchemy of Souls, it’s revealed that they were the Jinyowon priestesses who brought her back after Jin Ho-kyung ordered them to do so.

Speaking of the Truth, The Darkness is the Finale.

The Alps is still on his way!

We have the right back to Ho-kyungs last scene in season 1 where she stops So Yi to leave while the latter makes a deal with her because it gives her real insight into the Jin Yong mummy. And from yesterday’s episode we can see that she did in fact reveal who the real Jin Bu-yeon is based on which she saved Mu-deok and brought her to the power of her master.

How did Jin Bu-yeon turn into Naksu?

Once he brought Mu-deoks heirloom body to Lee, Ho-kyung told the truth: Naksus soul was trapped by Bieson in this body. Having an ear full of bones and bodies, Bu-yeon continues to live. A clinging with Naksus soul and her powers have been given to them to rescue them.

A master Lee has said to Ho-kyung that in order to save Bu-yeons body, he has to rid of Bu-yeons soul and let Naksus into the body. Only with Naksus immense powers will the Bu-yeons body live on. But as soon as we get closer to the beginning, we’ll become Naksus.

Alchemy of the Souls season 2 Episode 2 still exists.

Thus, it is either saving a body of Buyeons with Naksus, or is giving up on them both. Ho-kyung decides, and he saves Naksu.

Jin Bu-yeon and Naksu, respectively.

Master Lee reveals that despite the result, Naksu lost her memory while Bu-yeons are lost divine powers. If both of them had to return, the other would, too. Listening to that, Ho-kyung decides to hide Bu-yeon from the world to make sure that her memories never return.

Alchemy of the Souls Season 2 Episode 2 is still open.

As Bu-yeons body slowly grows to the Naksus shape, Ho-kyung feels agonising when he sees his face, but doesn’t forget that her old daughter is still alive. And now with the plan to keep the heirs of Jinyowon come from this body, she betrothed Bu-yeon to Seo Yuls uncle by allowing her to keep her confined to the room forever.

After three years of staying in the room, Bu-yeon meets Jang Uk, and the story of this couple in Daeho begins again.

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