All movies Can’t be cancelled by HBO Max in 2022: Minx, Love Life, FBoy Island and more

Check Out shows had been cancelled in 2022 by HBO Max.

The rise of Shows cancelled by HBO Max in 2022 is a constant heartbeat for the fans, who received a major adback this year. All fans will enjoy the sour feeling that the final outcome of their favourite movies and shows can be touched by. Also, to give you a sense of nostalgia, there is a list of axed shows this year.

Checkout shows are cancelled by HBO Max in 2022.

Love Life is one of the most watched shows of the streaming platform, that was cancelled for a third season this year. The official announcement that the romantic drama would be over soon became anthologically obsolete. Some were worried about why HBO Max cancelled this critically acclaimed show.

The show came in two seasons, with Anna Kendrick and William Jackson Harper leading the first and second seasons. Morever, the show’s two-year run was complete with twenty episodes before going to a halt.


The show was cancelled by the streaming platform. With the exception of the 70s, the story of the show revolved around Joyce (played by Ophelia Lovibond), an enthusiastic feminist who likes to start an unpopular erotic magazine.

Joyce sat with the editor as well in the series. The show only ran for one season and was greenlit for a second instalment just before the end of the season.

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Even though canceling is something everyone regrets, some shows really deserve some short telecast. And Fboy Island was perfectly able to pay it a bill. The reality show revolved around the idea that women might even get married or lose, where three women get the chance to decide the nice guy from the list of 24 men. That show was a total of twenty episodes in two seasons.


Apart from the usual cancellation spree, no one had planned to put Westworld off production this year, after the official announcement. The sci-fi series was canceled after six seasons and six episodes totaled four years.

The Nevers revolved around a group of victorian women who acquire the control of mysterious superpowers that eventually affect the future of the world. The drama series was interesting and engaging, but it won’t have any chance of expanding beyond the first season.

Since the Japanese War II character was founded by the veterans of Saturday Night Live (Fred Armisen and Lorne Michael), this Spanish-language horror series revolves around a group of friends who decided to turn their passion for horror into something eccentric. Moreover, the show premiered its third season, before the unexpected cancellation.

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Degrassi The Next Generation is Degrassi The Next Generation.

The official reboot of Degrassi failed to deliver in the platform and had relatively short broadcast time. The series was already overtaken by the original’s popularity and failed to even find out if it would have been possible to showcase its true potential. The show was also part of the short series that had been cancelled by the platform during the first wave.


The purge of cancellations in the HBO Max series continued with Legendary, a show about an underground ballroom community, taking a whole second – to a victory over the ultimate cash prize. Similarly, the series ran for three seasons each, before finally becoming axed this year.

Ellen DeGeneres presented her animation the spin-off version in the last year. The series for kids who have children and low-age audiences eventually ended in an end in August 2022, with limited runtime of only one season.

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