All the core players who play Rubicon will never survive. Single-player story focus & multiplayer Confirmed

IGN recently had the opportunity to speak with The Software Developer, including Hidetaka Miyazaki, about the newly announced Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon.

He revealed that multiplayer is the pursued focus of this entry, and mission-based games will be retained instead of using what Soulsborne did. In fact, the game will not seem like Soulsborne, with Miyazaki telling me that my skill is in my core. In addition, boss battles are emphasized facets that will be highlighted.

Masaru Yamamura, the head designer of Sekiros, is also working on this title. In the interview, he stated that while no elements from that game will be directly incorporated, the essence of battles, such as aggressive, speed change and action-oriented fighting, will not be there. Besides, this entry was a much higher budget compared to the previous games in Armored Core. Much more, it is for this team now that it does.

Despite the single player focus mode, a multiplayer versus mode was confirmed, but not much more. The story and setting are, too, entirely new, and there are no links directly to your past entries.

If you have more questions, such as the games general design, lessons learned from previous titles, or more, check out the full interview.

Armored Core IV Fires of Rubicon are being launched via Steam in 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.