Annual Subscriptions for PlayStation Plus will receive a limited-time $40 Pre-Christmas discount

As a way to get an early break from Christmas, Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia announced today a limited-time sale until 20 December 2022. That way, the annual price for all the three PlayStation Plus subscriptions will drop by forty dollars. This discount is for the 12-month period and only applies to new 12-month sign-ups. The PS3 player []

Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia announces an exclusive deal until 20 December 2022. This year, the average price of all three Xbox Plus subscriptions will drop by $1.4 billion. This discount is for the 12-month period. It only comes for new 12-months.

The PlayStation Plus Essential subscription, which comes with monthly free games, online gaming and some other bonuses, was discounted to $39.95 for the whole year. The new PlayStation Plus subscription cost more than double the price of 90,95 Euro, but allows the purchase of more expensive titles from the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 era. Finally there is the PlayStation Plus Deluxe membership for $114,95, which also comes with a library of classic games, although in my opinion, it needs to be reorganized in the building 2023.

All three modes of PlayStation Plus offer a 360 access to virtual-virtual games, both on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, and monthly games for both platforms, offers discounts, backups and more.