As of Jin aka Kim Seokjins Enlistment, Emotional BTS Army Trends #FarewellJin with Sweet Messages!

#FarewellJin is trending on Twitter while the BTS ARMY gets through an bittersweet whirlwind and bids farewell to Jin before military service.

The BTS Armys love for its beloved Kpop band is omnipresent and often has its origins in the hashtags trending on twitter, today its all love for Jin. The first member of the army to be deployed shared his buzzcut look, he tweeted from his Weverse update a few hours ago. The pandemonium exploded and a mixture of emotions filled the atmosphere.

On the one hand, fans embraced the young people, arguing that he was so charming, that the musicians finally took to the left. That was all over him, even since he celebrated his birthday on December 4, 2022. A multitude of hashtags, both to honor him or to demonstrate a love of unmatched interests, was praised on the platform and today is no different.

The Astronaut singer preparing to leave for the rest of the service, the group fandom decided to become aware of the new trend to impress his loveable artist who hasn’t only done anything but spread positives into his music, but also expanded his artistic appeal and sense of humour.

Are you a hawk, too? Here are the pictures of the fans posted on blueapp while holding off their tears and sharing what they love about Seokjin, to wish him a good time at his service.

As long as we await his return, let all promise to stream his solo endeavours in order to get together. The Astronaut, Abyss, Tonight, Yours (OST) and Super Tuna all get a listen on Spotify, while others like his remake of In Front of the Post Office in the Autumn, which will take place the 2018 Festa birthday.

He also said. 2nd week: Avatar: Avatar: the Way of the Water, Govinda Mera Naam and More.

Check out some of the #FarewellJin Tweets for Jin.

jazmine is at this time of the year in twenty-two.

We must be empty and froze for a bit. It’s worth the fact that you’re a little older than that one day.

: -548 days (@mikookie) December 12, 2022.

Astronauts go on mission for a while, but eventually come back home. Can’t have anything, but wait to return.

AHedgie= Stream #DividoGoNem (@CrzdNem) December 11:2022 2022

Since I am offline for the majority of my days trying to keep myself distracted, I’ve got the whole time tired of busy things and now my heart feels like an end of life. I thought I was ready for this but I was a lot wrong. Stay safe and warm, Seokjin love.

Eri i like you seokjin (@7BangtanKings) December 12, 2022.

moe is feeling INDIGO (@minimonimone) December 11, 2022.

knksceo (@knksceo) December 12, 2022.

I started a new bc, so I used to be interested in BTS. You started and remained by BIAS.

Sam I am (@MsSammyMichelle) December 12, 2022.

oa (slow) nai. chizbokiz oznai zokz cz.

sana (@monteez) December 12, 2022.

JustJudy is December 12, 2022.

#UntilWeMeetAgainJinMay your journey be safe!

VictoriaN Forever, December 11, 2022, 2022, orna2129.

zee 1292 INDIGO (@jairpods33) December 12, 2022.


asor, 2012 (@SeokAngelSoar) December 11, 2022.

I still cried while writing this, my hardest thing in the year to write it.

btsgoldenboys (@btsgoldenboys) December 12, 2022.

flowerkook (@Flowerkook01) December 11, 2022

We’re always so proud of you our Moon. You are reaching the sky but you will be able to stay grounded. Take care of Jin and come to us safely.

|| Moving On (Parody) December 11, 2022.

Miltary Wife (@LuvsBTSJimin) December 12, 2022.

We’ll miss you very much #Jin!! Don’t worry the time will fly by and we’ll all be here when you get back!

Jacqueline!!! — @ImThirstaekim) December 12, 2022

Here you go with Jin, Moon of the Arms! Congratulations, Seokjin, you can keep up with your music forever.

Let’s tune in the artists’ solo songs by slinging onto his Spotify page.

Read through the “Glimpse of the Blood” and others, een in the Revenge Drama.