Asian Artist Award 2022: Seventeen years old, Stray Kids to Le Sserafim, Here’s the red carpet look like?

Check out the red carpet looks of Seventeen, Stray Kids, Itzy, Le Sserafim, IVE and more for Asia Artist Awards 2022.

The ceremony will take place at Nippon Gaishi Hall Nagoya, Japan, on December 13, 2022. The 7th edition of the competition is underway; Asia Artist Awards 2022 or AAA 2022. Just a while ago, several Korean and Japanese artists and actors began to scream on the red carpet. While a man was smiling for this time’s event, he said this year’s show was in line with artists like seventeen, Team, IVE, Stray Kids, Nmixx, Treasure, Lights, Billie, etc.

What style did you like all night? Why not make money. Your dose of red carpet looks like a good idea. Scroll down to get in the style of AAA.

The Asian Artist Awards 2022 Looks like Red Carpet.

MCs: Leeteuk (Super Junior) and Jang Won-Young (IVE)

The presenters were complimented with their black and white appearances. While Won-young had a white silky bodice gown, filled with flowery sleeves and bust area, Leeteuk chose a short black blazer instead of his usual comfort fit, which was adorned with glitter.

Jang Won-young, v.v.y.e. and veteran artist Leeteuk, from Super Junior.


The six members of the girl group joined in a black-golden hybrid look combining contemporary energy with an old-fashioned look.

lucie nl ot7 (@justnmixx) December 13, 2022.


The Starship Entertainment girl group looked elegant and swore by the monochromatic look, some members sporting pearl necklaces. MC Won-young was the only woman who kept an unsuitable dress in her skirt, while other men kept it semi-private, with short dresses.

IVE PROPERTY (@iveniverse) December 13, 2022


The new group in particular said something new was learned.

NewJeans News (@NewJeans_NEWS) November 13, 2022

Pop punk has returned with a fresh start as Le Sserafim members opted for a distinctive plaid look, a common feature of the old Avril Lavigne film.

221213 LE SSERAFIM at the Asia Artist Awards (2022 AAA) Red carpet today!!

Kkura Unnie (@radian_wizone) December 13, 2022.


Kep1rawr RWRFORAASTAGE (@rwrforkep1) December 13, 2022



Kim Se-jeong

The business director kept her dress as a minimum as possible, since all eyes were reduced to her white gown and brought the tulle skirts back to the fashion.

Sejeong. (@DailySejeong) December 13, 2022

KangDanityPH (@kangdanityph) December 13, 2022.


Treasure Charts (@treasurecharts_) December 13, 2022.

seyy (@K1NGKEI) December 13, 2022


This quintet dressed in sparkly black for MAMA 2022 drew an enticing look at her black short dress.

JYP News (@thejypnews) December 13, 2022.

Han So-hee.

As a result, and having he seen sore eyes in white, Han So-hee kept his hair loose, leaving no embellishments left out in spite of the resurgence of her genuine poise.

Han Sohee Global (@hansoheeglobal) December 13, 2022.

The Boyz opted for a bold denim style paired with white shorts. The boy group has turned into an outcast of black grace.

THE BOYZ HILPINES (formerly the BOYZ PHILIPPINES) December 13, 2022


PENTAGON STREAMING: October 13, 2022.

Lim Young-woong

(@Sundayey) December 13, 2022

A year after a child is coming, take the place of the park.

(@b04aeIII) December 13, 2022.

Most members of Stray Kids remained loyal to their leather look and upped their sleeves to the awards show with short trench coats, jackets or harnesses. Black has never looked better.

Stray Kids Global (@StrayKidsGlobal) December 13, 2022

Kim Seon-hoo is in full swing.

Kim Seon-ho has won a fashion quotient from Dolce and Gabana often, with his gentle and convincing push to a bow tie combination.

I’m a AAA SEONHO! | Waiting to be confirmed (@seonhohorayyy) December 13, 2022

Lee Jun-ho.

The blue blazer and bow tie combo has never looked better, but Lee Jun-ho knows how to pull things off with his slicked back hairstyle.

(@ROS_Junho) December 13, 2022.


Grey, white and black are an impossible alternative for red carpets, and Seventeen looks like a tight unit with an individually balanced coat/blazer selections, class apart from the class representative third generation Kpop group.

. (@wonubliss) December 13, 2022

Lee Jaewook has asked for his help.

LEE CHENEH (@leejaewookrec) December 13, 2022


AleXa Updates (@AlexISAleXa96_) December 13, 2022


HIDDEN KARD THAILAND (@hiddenkard_th) December 13, 2022


(@iksanpjw) December 13, 2022

Whose look is the most ravishing of all?

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