Bring a friend to eat Japanese mango pig with a five-kilogram (11-pound) of strawberry. It can take you down, or it will make you hungry

It's more than big food, it's made out of ingredients grown locally in Shizuoka!

It’s more than big food, it’s made out of ingredients grown locally in Shizuoka.

In big cities like Tokyo you will find the most delicious food. But if you travel outside the normally walked paths, you may find something truly special.

In Shizuoka’s region of Izu, the best beach is the sea, and the sunbattle views offer the yugoda ayurveda. Fuji, there is a small city called Mishima, not known mainly for mishima Taisha, that he remembered as a Shinto shrine of Minamoto no Yoritomo during the exile in Izu before becoming the first shogun during the Kamakura period.

But there are other things where one must travel two hours with a bullet-band from Tokyo to the region, such as the small local produce shop and the self-proclaimed food theme park Izu Eki no Mura. There’s a village egg shop and coffee called Tamagoya. This dish is made from egg-based poultry, collected from the nearby Hakone Seiroku farm.

Tamagoya is offering a huge delicacy in its cafe this month as part of its strawberry fair: a strawberry parfait, measuring more than five kilograms (11 pounds). This enormous dessert is made up of more than a local buddeer. At the creamy-looking solution, the fluffy pancakes, custard made with Hinode eggs, strawberry sauce, crunchy chocolate, strawberries whipped cream, strawberry jelly, and strawberry pudding are hidden.

It’s enough to feed eight to ten people and costs 11,000 yen (80.59 US), so please take a little time to take a rest of the couple. Depending on how big you can, there is more room for people. If you aren’t able to book any basic strawberries at all three days in advance, you have to prepare for the trip by the time you plan your trip.

If five kilograms of parfait seem to be a bit expensive for you, no worries. They also have a regular-sized Strawberry Mont Black Parfait of almost one hundred yen, which contains all the same enticing ingredients that you’re able to get started a lot faster than a single person.

If you want to use Tamagoyas Strawberry Fair, there are a lot of other dishes to try. For example, the sugary pancakes of Tamagoya are the most popular menu items, so they’re selling them along with strawberries perfectly paired with a tart cream cheese mousse. In a mountain of sweets there is a custard made out of flour and vanilla ice cream. It is the ultimate recipe for pancakes. This stunning sweet cost a thousand yen.

It sells cake and butter tarts, made from Shizuoka strawberries, with a price of 510 to 660 yen each, which could take away as a souvenir for family and friends!

The Strawberry Fair at Tamagoyas lasts until December 25th. These delicious specials will disappear at the end of September. If you’d like a bit of fruit for desserts, make the trip for yourself. It isn’t so far from Atami, so take a trip to Mishima for your next beach resort.

Brunch / Tamagoya / Address: Shizuoka-ken, Mishima-shi, Yasuhisa 322-1. 322-1. Open 9:30 a.m. to 5:00, there is no room for lunch. Website

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