BTS members wished goodbye to Jin before Enlistment, Share the much-awaited OT7 Pics

After the moment BTS are taking off their last photo, they share the bittersweet memory, before sending Jin off the camera.

The traditional enlistment sendoff with Kpop members wishing the outgoing members well and possibly an uninvited return from their military service period was followed by BTS. On December 13, 2022, R.M., Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook snapped a parting memoir with their eldest members and went on to leave for his deployment for 18 months.

ARMY, the global stars fanbase shared the point with the others as fans from all over the world shared long threads of purple Hearts for the Astronaut singer, and also said that they were the fans’ Moon. The OT7 photo is the last straw the fans had been waiting for as they finally met Kim Seokjin.

The last Ot7 photo is soon going to get for some time now.

And now that the group also had the same task by gathering around him, all their hands patting his head and leaving him with warm memories and heartfelt wishes, they shared the moment on their official Twitter account with the caption, “My hyung!!! Please come back safely! You’re treated like purple hearts, the affectionate symbol as adopted by the band and fans alike.

They weren’t the only ones who shared such wishes. BTS choreographer Son Sung-deuk also took his Instagram account to leave the singers photo with his buzzcut and message that would entitle him to stay healthy and have safe and precious time away.

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The hashtags and trends rose to the highest of the number of articles we were looking forward to posted online. This list is referring to #jinmilitary, MINTECTION: APPEARING, WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU, #SafeFlightOurAstronaut, – Last ot7, and jin hyung. Some of the titles that have been trending since the artist was officially announced.

Let’s take a moment to take the time that happens ahead and make us stand up for the months without our Moon. Here is the OT7 photo we were all waiting for with bitter-sweet anticipation – that’ll be the final of its kind for quite some time now.

Take the BTS OT7 post from Twitter.

(@BTS_twt) December 13, 2022

We wish Kim Seokjin a good return to the music room in the future. Lets tune his solo on Spotify to fill that void, by the way. If you like to speak with the groups Twitter account, you would know the more heartwarming wishes that are shared with the fans over the years.

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