Christmas presents from PcComponentes have been selected

This year, Santa Claus dresses in Orange with Christmas gifts that can be found on PcComponentes. In this years special offers section, you'll find computers, laptops, televisions, game consoles, mobile phones and of course gaming hardware at prices that will leave you speechless. And, even though you are trying to find anything to offer, you [] can find what you need.

Santa Claus dresses in Orange this year with Christmas gifts that you can get from PcComponentes. In this years special offers section, you’ll find all types of computers, laptops, televisions, game consoles, mobile phones and of course gaming machines. If you don’t want to find anything that you want, you have the choice of Gift cards so that your loved ones can spend the money on whatever they desire.

The best technology offered by PcComponentes is offered.

In the best Christmas gift list, televisions are available. At PcComponentes, you can find an offer that isn’t going to make you think twice. You get the 55-inch Samsung UE55BU8000K, 4K resolution, and HDR10+, a Smart TV, in the end with a 30% discount, making it an all-time low, an opportunity unique!

Do you need a new laptop that can help you study? The Lenovo V15 IGL, a very powerful, lightweight, computerless laptop with a 15.6-inch Full HD screen, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD saves 80 dollars.

If you have a better, older and more powerful laptop that’s more suited to demanding tasks (i.e. more work-oriented than the previous), do not worry, and in these Christmas offers from PcComponentes you won’t find an offer, but a DEAL on a Lenovo ThinkPaqd E14 G3 laptop with a Core i5-1135G7, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD. When you get this cost is $33, you save more than 300 dollars.

No matter how well your monitor works, what do you need to change to another one that is better for the gaming arena? You’re pleased to know that the AOC 24G2AE/BK is on sale, a 23 inch monitor, full HD resolution, IPS array, and 144Hz refresh rate with FreeSync/G-Sync compatible which will let your games a smoother look. This will eliminate the bad effects of ghosting and tearing. This Christmas you can buy it with a 35-% discount.

Of course, if you need accessories and peripherals for your PC, you can also find a full range of devices on sale. For example, you have a powerful apocalypse Pro bundle which contains mouse, mouse, keyboard, RGB mechanical keyboard and gaming headphones that now have 30% of the price of which you may require to play with your computer or laptop, you’re entitled to the best selling Takamikura with an interesting 17% off.

Among the best deals available by Christmas, which you can buy this Christmas in PcComponentes is for most gamers, particularly those who own driving simulators. Logitech also offers a G29 driving force for PS5, PS4, PS3, PC, and you can save 80%.

Many offers and promotions are available at PcComponents.

As we said previously, Christmas Eve, you’ll be able to find hundreds of offers in PcComponentes, including an advent calendar where a star offer appears per day with savings far superior to the normal, making it a problem Only the way to buy these techs or gadgets you’ve been wanting for a long time, what other excuse do you need?

Even though what we have told you has always looked very small to you, there are still a few good offers in the room that should be highlighted.

You have no idea what to give? Give PcComponentes an idea for you.

Press the button and you will find the perfect gift without breaking your head. On the one hand, you have gift cards that range from 20 to 200 dollars so that the person who gives it can pick what they want from the PcComponents catalog.

On the other hand, at PcComponentes, they’ve also made a list of possible technological gifts for Christmas. I don’t have a doubt that they’ve got a set of ideas, if you’ve asked your budget for what to do this Christmas presents.