Defamation by Nora Fatehi stifles Jacqueline Fernandez, Unnecessarily Dragged and Defammed Me

For dragging her in the cash laundering case of 200 crore, Nora Fatehi files a defamation lawsuit against Jacqueline Fernandez. Read everything from the inside out.

Napolitano actress Nora Fatehi has filed a defamatory case against Jacqueline Fernandez in a court of appeal. This accused the former of making false allegations against her for malicious reasons and to destroy her career.

According to Fatehi, Fernandez tried to defame her, and dissect her career, and then to gain her own interest; both of these are working in the same industry as others and have similar backgrounds.

Despite ignoring her image’s being tarnished, Fatehi, whose remarks are always based on their reputation, alleged defamatory remarks made against her by Fernandez to ensure her financial, social, and personal expenses fell out of proportion. In the complaint that IANS received, she also claimed that Fernandez has also maliciously attempted to absolve herself from her actions in a felony.

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Jacqueline Fernandez is a movie actress, and in the film industry’s big name. In addition to that, the Enforcement Directorate accused him of Rs 200 crore money laundering in the Sukesh Chandrashekhar crime. Fernandez complained that he did the defamatory imputation because of malicious reasons. As far as that, Fernandez tried to denounce the complainant in court, and thus violate her reputation and other obligations by disqualifying herself, to increase her interests, a complaint from Fatehi, vying for Vikram Chauhan in an apology.

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Fatehi further alleged that Fernandez had made false statements against her despite being an actress also. Fernandez quickly dragged and defamed me as I am in that industry. She knows that the business of any artiste and their career is dependent on their reputation. This clearly tells us, the said imputations have been made with intent and knowledge that such imputation will harm the reputation of the complainant, is read her plea.

She also accused a few media companies of using Fernandez as part of a quoting charge. It reduced her reputation by a bit. The court rules December 19 as the next date of the hearing. On December 2, the Enforcement Order Commission asked Fatehi to do a money laundering investigation to investigate the alleged crime against Hankhars.

Fernandez and Fatehi had both recorded their statement as witnesses in the case. In the past, Fixed Deposits of Rs 7.2 crore belonging to Fernandez were attached to the ED, which meant that these gifts and properties were the proceeds of crime received by the actresses. In February, the ED filed its first supplemental prosecution complaint against the aide Pinky Irani, Chandrashekhars, who introduced him to Bollywood actors.

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In the charge sheet, Irani made false names for Fernandez and later used to abandon them at her house after the payments were made by Chandrashekhar. In December last year, the ED filed the first charge sheet of this matter with the court of another session, Praveen Singh.

Chandrashekhar has spent around 20 crores on different models and Bollywood celebs. Several people didn’t even get him gifts.

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